Meet Alyssa: TVA Staff Profile

Earlier this week we told you all about Annie, our graphic design assistant for the Veg Food Fest. Annie works closely with our Festival & Events coordinator Alyssa. We introduced you to Alyssa a few months ago but with the 32nd Veg Food Fest less than two months away, we thought you might want to get to know her a bit better! What do you do at the Toronto Vegetarian Association? I coordinate and plan  TVA’s annual events and marketing communication campaigns. This includes our annual   Veg Food Fest and Veggielicious . I also  collaborate with TVA staff and volunteers to assist in planning  and executing our annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off. How did you become interested in vegetarianism? I began reducing my meat consumption in first year University due to the amazing vegetarian and vegan options at the University of Guelph campus. I was looking to stay healthy and honestly, the plant-based food offerings looked much more appetizing! I’ve never looked back since. I feel healthier and know I’m making a difference in the world. What do you like most about working for TVA? Working with the dedicated and friendly staff and volunteers motivated to make a… Read More

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