A Reflection on Agnes Kwasnicka

April 5, 2012 By Barbi Lazarus with assistance from Gregory Wasney It’s days like these that make me wish I had a blog, so that I could spontaneously write to the world about people, events or news that I want to share.  But alas, I don’t have a blog, so please stay with me as I share with you the impact that Agnes Kwasnicka, a cherished TVA volunteer and donor, has had not only on the Toronto Vegetarian Association and on animal activism, but also on me personally in my role as TVA’s donor and volunteer resources coordinator. Agnes and her equally fantastic husband, Greg Wasney, began volunteering with TVA back in the early 2000s, tabling at punk and ska shows on behalf of the organization. But I first met Agnes at a volunteer training session exactly one year ago from the day I am writing this story. As the person responsible for ensuring that TVA outreach events are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy volunteers, it is always an absolute pleasure to meet people like Agnes and Greg who arrive eager to get involved. I can still picture them clearly, coming up to me at the end… Read More

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