Discount Profile: Abokichi

Care of Vinyse Barber Abokichi is a sweet little cafe on Dupont, right by Dupont subway station. They’re very vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, offering sandwiches, soups, salads, sweets, and one of my favourite snack foods, Onigiri. Onigiri originated in Japan, and consists of half-milled rice and a filling, formed into a triangle and wrapped in a piece of toasted seaweed. When I went to Japan on vacation I snacked on Onigiri often, as you can find them in convenience stores, train stations and department stores, and they are easy to eat on the run. Abokichi offers many different types of fillings for their onigri, the majority of which are vegan. By far my favourite is their chili and kelp flavour, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Being a tiny cafe with only a few seats, I’ve often brought the Onigiri home, and their separation of the toasted seaweed from the rice keeps the seaweed wrapping crispy until you’re ready to eat it. They also sell jars of their chili oil called Ozaku – it’s just mildly spicy and super flavourful – and I put it on rice, noodles…anything, really! Onigiri is also very affordable. They are… Read More

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Vegetarian Directory Updates – August 2015

  New Veg-Friendly Market   Urban Acorn (1 Wiltshire Ave., Unit S, www.urbanacorn.ca, 647-454-0600) is opening a new market this fall with a ton of veg and vegan options. “We’re excited to be opening a Flexitarian Market this fall featuring organic & small-batch, local Vegan, Gluten-Free and Flexitarian staples. We are looking forward to meeting our neighbours and supporting local food artisans and community events right from the Junction Triangle.” The market will be located at 1565 Dupont St. (east of Symington). The Urban Acorn Market is set to open on September 19th, so mark your calendar and drop by for some delicious, locally made, sustainable foods. Visit the website for more information, and stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter for more details on the grand opening. Toronto Veg Card holders save 10% at the Urban Acorn Market!   New Veg & Vegan Options   Abokichi (258 Dupont St., www.abokichi.com, 416-513-1333) is a new restaurant that has taken over the Annex Hodgepodge on Dupont and Spadina. Some may remember the excellent veg and vegan options at Annex Hodgepodge, well Abokichi has carried this on… Read More

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