33rd veg food fest

Another Great Year at the Veg Food Fest!

Care of Katie Keir, Editorial Director of Lifelines The 33rd Veg Food Fest included more vendors, a ton of new faces and new treats, and more hours of programming to enjoy – plus, the sun was shining all weekend for the 40,000 attendees. Here’s what exhibitors and attendees had to say during the Veg Food Fest. Bringing Friends and Family Together Ingrid, a vegetarian since 2000 and vegan since 2012, was no stranger to the Veg Food Fest. “This is vegan Christmas,” she exclaimed, adding what she loves most is meeting up with fellow vegans. For Ingrid, a close second is the food: “I love not having to ask questions about what’s in the food.” Ingrid wants to see more non-vegans attending the festival and asking questions, and the best way to attract non-veg foodies is to invite your family and friends. Just ask Stephanie, a vegan for two months, who attended with her parents – it was the first time for all three. Said Stephanie: “I wanted show [my parents] that the things I eat aren’t just salad.” Smoothie in hand, mom Sue said her favourite treats were the cashew cheeses from Mama… Read More

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