Fast Food: Pizza and Pasta Places

Last updated July 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: The items listed as vegan do not contain animal flesh, dairy, eggs, or honey products directly. However, we have not confirmed whether or not they may contain additives, preservatives, or chemical ingredients which are sometimes animal-derived, and the products may be cooked on the same equipment as animal products. 

APieCalypse Now Pizza & Snack Bar

Toronto’s all-vegan pizza shop and snack bar! Featuring a wide variety of vegan pizzas with and without vegan cheese. Famous for their Mac and Charlie pizza with vegan mac and cheese on the pizza, plus a daily variety of unique and creative vegan donuts and other desserts. Located at Bloor and Christie.

Khalsa Pizza

Located in Brampton, Ontario

Our family-owned pizza place is the one and only 100% vegetarian pizza restaurant in Brampton. We also offer vegan options, including vegan and veggie burgers. TVA members get 10% (excluding specials).

Magic Oven

This award-winning Toronto-based take-out chain has a few locations serving creative, alternative food with fresh, local and organic ingredients. Vegan pizzas include Hot Potato Magic, Black Magic, Sustainable Magic, Tropical Magic, and of course Vegan Magic. But all pizza crusts, pastas, and sandwich breads are vegan, and they have vegan cheese, so you can veganize any of their pizzas easily! TVA members get 10% off with the Toronto Veg Card.

Blaze Pizza

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A “build your own” Canadian-based pizza chain. The crust is vegan, they have vegan cheese and there are many vegetarian toppings available including vegan spicy chorizo, and the usual list of veggies such as artichokes, peppers, basil, olives, chopped garlic, jalapenos, mushrooms, pineapple, red onions, and even roasted brussel sprouts and roasted garlic

Mamma’s Pizza

This Toronto-based chain now has six vegan pizzas explicitly on their menu: the potato pizza, vegan olive press, vegan primavara, spicy vegan, vegan sausage classic, and vegan original. But they also carry both pepper jack and mozzarella vegan cheese, and their original, whole wheat, and gluten-free crusts are vegan, so go all out with a custom pizza that can also include vegan sausage or the usual veggie pizza toppings including fresh garlic, mushrooms, peppers, hot peppers, olives, pineapple, onions, sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant or artichokes, spinach, caramelized onions, roasted potatoes, grilled zucchini, or broccoli.

You can also order several vegan pasta options here! Penne, spaghetti, fettucini, or rigatoni with tomato sauce.

Panago Pizza

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This pizza chain has more than 160 locations in western and central Canada, including at least seven in Toronto. Like Mamma’s Pizza, they offer vegan cheese that you can swap out on any of their pizzas, and vegan pepperoni too! You can have a lot of fun building a custom pizza since all of the following crusts, toppings, and sauces are vegan: Original Hand-tossed Crust, Italian Thin Crust, Multigrain Crust, Multigrain Thin Crust, Gluten-smart Crust,
+ Smoky Tropical, Passata Tomato, Italian Tomato, BBQ, Fresh Salsa, and Hot Buffalo sauces, plus of course all the veggies your heart desires!

Pizza Nova

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Pizza Nova is an Ontario-based pizza chain. The standard dough, multi-grain, and the gluten free dough are vegan. The two kinds of tomato sauce are also vegan. Pizza Nova has Daiya cheese available at no extra charge.

Pizza Pizza

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Pizza Pizza offers Violife cheese as a vegan option, along with vegan pepperoni and chorizo crumbles. Their classic, whole grain, and gluten-free crusts are now all vegan as well. The following sauces are all vegan too so you can customize a less traditional pizza if you like! Italian Homestyle Pizza Sauce, Italian Marinara, Bruschetta, Sweet Chili Thai, BBQ Sauce, Mild Sauce, Chipotle, Franks Red Hot


Pizzaiolo has three vegan pizza selections that are already vegan: Fredo, Vittoria, Whole Wheat Diana “V”. They also now have vegan cheese that you can swap out on any pizza.

Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s, Pizzaville, Pizza Hut, Little Ceaser’s

Not recommended as they do not offer a vegan cheese (although Little Ceaser’s cinnamon bites provide a vegan dessert option!).