Why Become Vegetarian or Vegan?

At the Toronto Vegetarian Association, our mission is to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. Why become vegetarian or vegan? Learn more about the benefits here.

It’s Healthier

Vegetarian diets are not just nutritionally sound, but have many health benefits that can help prevent and manage a number of increasingly common diseases and conditions.

Whether your goal is one of personal fitness and healthy weight-loss or to reduce risk of heart disease by cutting out cholesterol and saturated fats, a diet made up primarily of wholesome plant-based foods is a great place to start. Click here to read all about the health benefits of plant-based eating!

Choosing healthier foods doesn’t mean giving up flavour – Toronto’s 80+ vegetarian businesses feature a delicious variety of cuisines and cultures.

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It’s Greener

Did you know that animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of global climate change? That’s according to the United Nations’ report Livestock’s Long Shadow. Eating animals is also a key contributor to soil erosion, water contamination and air pollution. Want to help the environment? Replace animal products like red meat and dairy with plant-based alternatives like chickpeas and soy milk. Even a small change can make a real difference for the planet. Read more about Meat and the Environment, here and click here for a link to 5 food choices you can make for a healthy planet.

It’s easier than ever before to find delicious foods that will help the planet.

Get started with our 7-Day Veggie Challenge!

It’s Compassionate

Throughout history, many people have chosen to expand their circle of compassion to encompass domestic animals including dogs, cats, cows and pigs. But over the past fifty years, as demand for animal products has increased, the plight of animals has become even more dramatic as animal farming operations have grown and intensified.

Becoming vegetarian or vegan has a clear impact on animal suffering. By TVA’s estimates, Toronto’s 100,000+ vegetarians reduce the demand for meat by approximately 2.5 million chickens, pigs, cows, and sheep each year. We also save many more fish and sea creatures.

Get started with our 7-Day Veggie Challenge!

Why I'm Veg Week

Why I’m Veg

There are as many reasons to choose a plant-based diet as there are vegetarians and vegans. That’s why in 2012, we launched a Why I’m Veg video campaign.

Click here to check out videos from Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May, Toronto hockey player Mike Zigomanis, comedian Myq Kaplan, and more.


Still have questions about becoming veg? Check out our FAQ page or submit your own question and let us get back to you.