Vegetarian Menu Plans & Recipes


Veggie Challenge Phase Two | Vegetarian Menu Plans and Recipes


Here are some helpful vegetarian menu plans and recipes we’ve developed for Phase Two of our 7-Day Veggie Challenge.

Phase One of the Veggie Challenge is a one-week challenge to try a plant-based diet. In Phase Two, we provide vegetarian menu plans & recipes the next three weeks. Feel free to download, modify, and print as needed.

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Week One – Recipes, meal ideas, nutrition information

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Week Two – menu plan

Ch-Week-Two-Menu-Plan (One page Word document)

Ch-Week-Two-Menu-Plan (One page PDF version)

Week Two – recipes

Ch-Week-Two-Recipes (8 page Word document)

Week Three – menu plan

Ch-Week-3-Menu-Plan (One page Word document)

Ch-Week-3-Menu-Plan (One page PDF version)

Week Three – recipes

Ch-week3-recipes (5 page Word document)

Week Four – menu plan

Ch-Week-4-Menu-Plan (One page Word document)

Ch-Week-4-Menu-Plan (One page PDF version)

Week Four – recipes

Ch-week4-recipes (6 page Word document)