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VEDTalks: The Critical Thinkers / Vegan Marketplace

November 30, 2019 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

The animal rights movement is gaining momentum, but our community is fractured/divided. Animal liberation is the finish line, but we’re taking different paths to cross it. What’s crucial is that we open our minds, think critically, sharpen our skills, and be prepared to tweak or change course as we go along. Do we take a hard, uncompromising anti-speciesist line or do we make some concessions for the greater good? Is it more effective to take time to form strategic partnerships with other movements or keep our focus narrow? Should we accept the fact that divisions in social justice movements are normal and that activists are wired to “fight”, even amongst ourselves, unlike the more conservative mainstream who tend to agree with one another and walk in lockstep? The fight for animal rights is very unique in the history of social justice movements, so there’s no definitive answer to these questions. Yet! (see below to meet our VEDTalkers)

12:00: VT Marketplace (scroll down for vendor list)
1:00: Welcome and introductions
1:05: Cassidy Jordyn
1:30: Gabe Nadler aka Gaia is I / Gaiaisi / Gaia’s Eye
1:55: Jason King and Adam Stirr
2:20: BREAK
2:35: Amanda Barker
3:00: Richard Burgess aka Vegan Gains
3:25: Father Donatello Iocco
3:35: Q and A
4:05: VT Marketplace
4:45: Clean-up
5:00: Stick around for East End Holiday Market

CASSIDY JORDYN is a 24-year-old queer animal liberation activist, community leader, disabled sex worker, and co-founder of the London Vegan Food Bank, who is working and organizing towards a post-capitalist world where all human and non-human animal needs are met. She will be presenting on Intersectional Veganism: Why it’s important to recognize that all forms of oppression are connected in order to build a stronger, more inclusive, and effective movement as allies to animals.

Homegrown-in-Toronto rapper, musician, and video creator, GABRIEL NADLER (aka Gaiaisi/Gaia’s Eye/Gaia-is-I), is also a political/animal rights activist, who promises not to bite…unless you’re a freshly-cooked sweet potato. In which case, no promises! He shatters the myth that “Vegans Are Weak” (it’s also the title of one of his songs/videos) through his music, comedy, and clever commentary. We’ve invited him to be a speaker at a very opportune time: The subject matter of his presentation is also the topic of a new video he has planned…so we won’t ruin the surprise! But it’s guaranteed to be cerebral, edgy, and courageous…and definitely make you think.

JASON KING and ADAM STIRR will be making a trip into the big city to present on the need for animal activists to refocus the animal liberation movement into a social justice movement against speciesism, further saying we have pushed an agenda based on a partial solution (veganism) and failed to create the tension in society toward the problem (speciesism). This talk is merely a teaser for the full-day interactive lecture and workshop they’re conducting on December 8 in Toronto at ThatChannel (600 Bay Street), a primer for the first-ever Speciesism Summit being planned for March 2020 in Niagara Falls.
Animal Liberation Alliance London At War for Animals Niagara

AMANDA BARKER is a professional pig cuddler, dumpster diver, hitchhiker, essential-oils-for-everything healer, and an avid dirt worshiper. She spends her time creating safe spaces and platforms for less-heard voices, sharing, warding off mansplaining, learning about decolonizing, post capitalism, and resisting the oppressive forces perpetuating inequality. Her presentation, “Overcoming Activist Division in 3 Easy Steps”, will help us understand why our community is fractured…and hopefully start us on the road to healing these rifts.

RICHARD BURGESS, the host of the popular-though-sometimes-controversial YouTube channel, VEGAN GAINS, which uses the power of humour to deliver uncomfortable truths about veganism and animal rights, will be presenting the idea that intersectionalism within the animal rights movement may be hampering our efforts towards animal liberation.
Vegan Gains on YouTube

Fr. DONATELLO IOCCO is an animal activist, a Catholic priest at St. Ambrose Church in Etobicoke, and is coming up on his 4-year veganniversary. His activism includes bearing witness and attending AV demonstrations. He and his animal companion, Angel (who is also vegan), love to take nature walks and enjoy the outdoors together. In his downtime, Fr. Donatello loves playing drums and listening to metal music (could a priest get any cooler?). Even though our viewpoints and methodology may conflict on what is the most effective way to achieve animal liberation, Fr. Donatello will remind us, in his loving and gentle manner, that activists are well-intentioned, we do what we do out of a sense of justice and compassion, and despite our differences, let’s be respectful and listen to one another, try not to judge, and stand shoulder-to-shoulder in support of one another.

Live-streaming via Ray Kowalchuk of JaneUnchainedCanada.

No vegan event would be complete without food, glorious food! Bring your appetite as well as containers/plates/utensils for delicious free samples and take-home purchases from the pop-up marketplace. And to further delight your senses, attendees can feast their eyes on the works of art on display being exhibited by a number of vegan artists, with some pieces available for purchase.


THE VEGANABLER / KELLY KERR: Vegan facilitator/coach, private chef, caterer, product developer, and food activist specializing in comfort foods and happy, round bellies!
The VeganAbler

VEGANS4LIFE / ALICE MELISSA: Beyond Meat, Gardein, Violife, and Go Max Go (plant-based chocolate bars!) distributor. Need we say more?!
Vegans 4 Life

ANIMAL LIBERATION KITCHEN / TANYA SPASIC: Popular Toronto-based, family-run, animal-rights-and-social-justice-inspired restaurant and catering business…located just down the street from the VEDTalks venue!

VEGTAGO: Vegan cheddar cheese…you won’t believe from what it’s made!

ARTWORK ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE by Jo-Anne McArthur, Melinda Hegedus, Chantal Dostaler, and Lulu Lotus.

V-GANG OFFICIAL GEAR: Clothing line created by @gaia_is_i in support of animal sanctuaries, the Vegan Army, and animal rights.

TATTOOS BY JIMMI: Toronto-based vegan tattooer, artist, animator.

TORONTO EARTHLING: Designer of elegant vegan-messaged pins.
@toronto_earthling_ @toronto_earthling_store

AT WAR FOR ANIMALS NIAGARA: Organization fighting against speciesism and the property status of non-human persons.

@plant_based_revolution @furfreetoronto @calling_all_vegans_show


November 30, 2019
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Plant-Based (R)evolution
Calling All Vegans


Ralph Thornton Community Centre
765 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4M 1H3
Toronto, ON Canada
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