Top Vegetarian Recipe Sites

Top vegan & vegetarian recipe sites

The following are the best places to find quality vegan or vegetarian recipes. They all include ratings and comments by users. (formerly Recipe Zaar)
57,000+ | Ratings | Nutrition info | Change servings | Flag recipes | Many photos
Huge vegetarian section and vegan section (15,000+) of recipes submitted by users. Each recipe includes the cooking time, rating by visitors to the site, a conversion tool to change the number of servings, nutrition information, and a printing option. Excellent search and sort feature. Sign up for free and you can add recipes to your own meal plan, cookbook or shopping list.
• For $25 a year you can avoid ads, add recipes (along with a personal note) to your meal plan, menu or cookbook, view pictures at full size, and more.
13,000+ | All vegan | Flag recipes | Some photos
More than 2,000 vegan recipes for just about any occasion. Visitors who register (free) can flag their favourite recipes, create shopping lists, rate recipes and add comments. Comments from other cooks are linked to most recipes. Once you find the mini section you want, recipes can be sorted. For example the muffin category has 90 recipes – these can be sorted by rating, date, etc. There are also articles, surveys, and personals.
• One nice feature is the Recipe Q & A (free membership required). If you have a question it will get answered quickly.

4,700+ | Gourmet | Flag recipes | Many photos
This gourmet recipe site from the publishers of Bon Appétit, Gourmet, Self, and Parade magazines has a large meatless section. Each recipe includes the cooking time, ratings and comments by members (free to join). Most recipes have gorgeous photos. The search and sort feature works very well. Unfortunately there is no vegan category. Most recipes are not vegan but one can often substitute the ingredients.

All Recipes
3,100+ | Nutrition info | Change servings | Flag recipes | Some photos
Their vegetarian section has recipes submitted by users including over 700 vegan recipes. Each recipe includes the cooking time, rating by visitors to the site, a conversion tool to change the number of servings, detailed nutrition information, and several printing options. You can search sub-sections for “top 20”, “newest” or keywords. For example you can search the vegetarian main meals section for “vegan,” but you can’t find the top 20 vegan recipes.
• Warning: most of the site’s sub-sections include meat recipes – even sections like “Greens” and “Kale”. You can search “Greens” for “vegetarian” but you can’t find the top 20 vegetarian recipes that contain greens.

More great vegan & vegetarian recipe sites

Post Punk Kitchen

Fantastic vegan recipes from Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero, co-authors of multiple cookbooks including the amazing Veganomicon, Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World, and many more.

Living and Raw Foods
Noted as the largest internet community dedicated to living and raw foods.

International Vegetarian Union
IVU’s 3000+ vegan recipes from around the world in English and other languages. Some are from popular vegetarian cookbooks.

The Vegan Chef
Vegan recipe site by Beverly Lynn Bennett who has been working in restaurants for over 20 years, and writes a monthly column for VegNews.
Peter S. wrote us to recommend this site, “The recipes are all vegan and include some for special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can also put in a key word and do a search. For example, I put in biscotti, and a great-looking recipe was produced. She has a lot of recipes and they can be printed for free.”
Vegan recipe site by PETA. Special occasion features, shopping guide, new product spotlight, faq’s, chef profiles, recipes, a section for food-service professionals, and more.

Vegetarian Times
Search several years of recipes from Vegetarian Times. Option to search for egg-free and/or dairy-free. Each recipe comes with basic nutrition information per serving.

Veg TV
The Enlightened Kitchen Show features videos on vegetarian recipes, celebrities, health and more.

Jewish Veg has a long list of recipe links.

Tasty Vegan Meals post pictures and descriptions of meals they make.

Ami’s Vegetarian Delicacies has a wide collection of recipes, specifically featuring Sri Lankan, Indian and Chinese dishes. The blog has been featured on
Veggie IC Recipes
This is a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes for interstitial cystitis, a painful bladder syndrome for which people often go on the “ic diet” and avoid certain foods.  The two diets can be compatible, so here are some recipes to help!