Veggie D'Light

160 Baldwin St, Toronto
  • All vegetarian*
  • Organic emphasis
  • Gluten free options

About Veggie D'Light

We are an organic, non-GMO, vegan take-out restaurant and catering company located in Toronto, providing nutritious and delicious Caribbean food and personal catering tailored to meet your needs. We believe good food should not only make you happy, but put a smile on your face.

Veggie D’Light’s international chef Peter McKenzie was introduced to the culinary arts while studying at West Indies College in Mandeville, Jamaica in the late 1980’s. As Peter travelled through different cities in the West Indies and North America, working alongside Red Seal chefs, he couldn’t help but notice a lack of options in the food industry for people like himself, who embrace a vegan lifestyle.

As a response to this need, Peter worked on a plan to develop nutritious plant-based recipes that incorporate just the right blend of seasoning needed to keep each dish fun, exciting and delicious for all ages. Today he wants to share these unique, vegan creations with you
Prepared with care and precision, we are confident that you will be left feeling nourished and energetic, bringing the vital element of a well-balanced diet to contribute to a healthier you.

Founded as a catering company, Veggie D’Light now finds its home in Kensington Market at 160 Baldwin street.... See you soon!

Wishing you all the greatest health & happiness - Veggie D’Light

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