Ki's Kitchen

1701 Carousel Dr, Pickering
  • All vegan*
  • Some organic
  • Gluten free

About Ki's Kitchen

Kiran is a healing-foods, Ayurvedic, anti-inflammatory chef, teacher and public speaker. We customised meals across the GTA to those who need special meals based on their health needs (ie. cancer, diabetes, MS, etc.), as well as those who want to eat to prevent illness, but do not have the knowledge and/or time to prepare such meals. If you register for an in-home cooking class, you will not only learn how to combine herbs and spices to make flavour bursting meals, you'll also learn about the importance of food combining and food timing, and the vital role they play on your overall health. For those who need more personalised attention, Ki offers 1 to 1 food coaching. Through the practice of Ayurveda, we take into consideration, not just what you're eating, but also the time of day, the combinations, the environment you eat in and your daily habits and practices. In Kiran’s Food Coaching program, you’ll receive mind/body/spirit support. For those who love to love to cook and want to add more plant-based meals to their diet, Ki’s Eating to Heal recipe membership program is the best choice for them. Every month Ki will send you 16 new recipes, exclusive to Ki’s Kitchen, abiding by anti-inflammatory principles, making them excellent for everyone, no matter their current health condition. Need some help clearing out your pantry, ridding yourself of the foods that do not serve your best health? Ask Ki about her Pantry Raid program. You’ll receive first hand help on what to keep and what to consume less of, plus an in-home cooking class, catered to your specific needs. Ki has developed a line of healing teas, anti-inflammatory sauces, and gluten-free, sugar-free plant-based desserts and snacks, all of which you can order directly from the Ki’s Kitchen website. Lastly, want to know when Ki will hold her next public cooking class? Missed her talk on how your food affects your mood, and your mood affects your food? Stay in touch through the Ki’s Kitchen newsletter, plus receive valuable info on veggies, herbs and spices.