AAamazing Salad

160 Baldwin St., Unit 2, Toronto
Veg Card holders save 10%
  • Some organic
  • Vegetarian options
  • Gluten free options

About AAamazing Salad

At the beginning of 2014, K’s AAamazing Salad Group Inc. was established by Eva and Jacky. At the end of 2014, they got their first small store which was located at North York west, and in January 2015, they moved AAamazing Salad to Kensington Market in downtown Toronto.

Fresh and Yummy. That's the AAamazing Salad motto. Our goal is to provide fresh, nutritious and yummy meal choices to customers who care their body, and love yummy food. Also, we proudly support Sickkids Foundation. Each penny customers spend on their meal; 1% is donated to Sickkids Foundation to help our lovely flowers.

For our lovely customers, we work so hard to create more and more healthy and delicious food; for the kids who need help, we want to do more and more to support; for our team members, we try our best to create a good and fair working environment. You can feel our passion through our amazing salads, and support Sickkids Foundation!