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How to Host a Vegan Challenge

by Marco Pagliarulo The Vegan Challenge (or vegan pledge) is a good way for “veg-curious” people to try a vegan diet for a short time in a fun environment under the guidance of a vegan who already knows the ropes.  One of the barriers to exploring vegan food in our society is the myth that vegan food is weird. A Vegan Challenge is also a great opportunity to dispel that myth. Back in April, I hosted a Vegan Challenge at my workplace (Ontario Ministry of the Environment) where I invited colleagues to adopt a vegan diet for 1 week.  About a dozen coworkers signed on.  This was part of a collective initiative of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA), Toronto Pig Save, and to encourage people to take the Vegan Challenge during Earth Week. If you are vegan, then you already know that adopting a plant-based diet is a healthy, compassionate, delicious choice that has lighter eco-footprint on the planet. Why not spend a week showcasing this conscientious choice to a few of those around you? Here are some tips to get you started: 1.    Pick a Place Pick a place where you spend time on a regular basis,… Read More

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“Diving into vegetarian living” and more stories

Here are nine stories from those who completed the Veggie Challenge. Diving into vegetarian living “It was exciting to try new things.” I recently became interested in becoming vegetarian after reading several books about food – such as the Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan and Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran. As I found out more about the negative effects of the industrial food system – how animals are treated poorly, and how they are given massive amounts of growth hormones, antibiotics and other additives that are dangerous to humans – I felt more and more compelled to change my diet. A friend of mine is a vegetarian and her reason was also very influential – the effect of the mass production of animals on the environment – which generates more climate change emissions than the travel sector (all cars, trucks, etc). Here is a nice recipe for tempeh bacon. Tempeh is also good just fried in oil and salt. Photo is creative commons. From nyxie’s Flickr site. When I switched to vegetarian this week I found I didn’t even miss meat half as much as I thought I would. By… Read More

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