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By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator If you’re vegetarian, follow social media, and like to eat, by now you’ve certainly heard about the newest vegan bakery to open up, Through Being Cool. Blog posts and instagram shots galore have been spreading like wildfire, so I won’t go into too many details that others have already described oh-so-well about how fantastic their goodies are (you can just do a quick google search for Through Being Cool Vegan if you want the drool-worthy details). I had the pleasure of stopping by on my day off a couple weeks ago. As I sat on the subway home just staring at my bag of food in anticipation, I was suddenly overcome with a sense of awe, wonderment and excitement about where Toronto’s veg scene is at, and the fact that certainly this must represent a growing demand for vegetarian options. For those who think that vegans live with any sort of deprivation, let me just summarize where we stand here in Toronto: Donuts, apple fritters, pretzels and ooey gooey pizza buns? Check. (That would be the delicious spread from Through Being Cool you see on the right). Read More

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Giving Thanks for Delicious Food

By Autumn Ladouceur – Past TVA Communications Intern Thanksgiving at the Ladouceur family home was a big hit! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cornucopia of festive vegetables brought to the table. To name a few we had squash, yams, brussel sprouts, turnip and mashed potatoes, all made with vegan margarine. My aunt Donna even brought a vegan version of her famous coleslaw, made with oil and vinegar. The Tofurkey I made went over particularly well. Everyone who had some said that it was the best one we’d ever had at Thanksgiving. They asked me to continue making it that way every year. My meat-loving brother even tried it and said he liked its mushroomy taste. Unfortunately, because everyone enjoyed the Tofurkey so much it meant that there were no leftovers. Usually my left over Tofurkey makes for a couple days worth of hot Tofurkey sandwiches with veggie gravy. Fortunately, I had enough left over vegetables to fill a swimming pool and dive in with joy and excitement. In other news, I think I ate a whole pumpkin pie this week. I was in a pumpkin pie coma. All in all this was a very successful Thanksgiving feast. I hope all… Read More

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Discount Profile: Magic Oven

When I set the October Vegetarians of High Park dinner for the new Junction location of Magic Oven, I told the group to look forward to a wonderful array of vegetarian pizza options, including both cheeseless vegan pizzas and ones topped with dairy-free cheese. I had already made up my mind I was probably going to order their delicious Tandoori Potato Magic pizza I had ordered before, topped with sweet potatoes and delicious Indian spices. But when we arrived at this more upscale-in-decor location, my fellow group members pointed out to me that as yummy as their pizza is, there is so much more to their menu! In addition to the wide range of vegetarian and vegan pizzas (either pre-set items or build-your-own from their endless list of toppings), there are pastas full of fresh veggies, kale-hummus wraps and numerous salads. I was tempted to order a number of different appetizers when I saw the many vegetarian options such as samosas, chickpea power soup and rosemary sweet potatoes. However after a very convincing recommendation, I opted for the stir-fry napa cabbage with chillis (which was served warm and super spicy) and the BBQ tofu sandwich. Read More

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Getting Ready for a Veggie Thanksgiving

By Autumn Ladouceur – Past TVA Communications Intern No matter what walk of life you’re in, Thanksgiving can be a difficult holiday for the vegetarians out there. When we think of Thanksgiving the first thing most people picture is a turkey, so our challenge as vegetarians is to try to make a satisfying Thanksgiving feast that we and our omnivorous friends and family will enjoy and maybe even love. These tips, hints and recipes should make this Thanksgiving a little easier for all the herbivores out there. Here is a list of alternatives that you will need for your veganized Thanksgiving feast. Not only can you use this advice in your own kitchen, but you can share it with mom and dad so that they can modify their Thanksgiving feast to meet your needs as well. Milk – Soy, coconut, almond or rice There is a peanut allergy in my family so we steer clear of almond milk during the big holidays, but all of these alternatives will substitute cow’s milk effectively. For instance, my dad always puts milk in the mashed potatoes, but since I went vegan he has been substituting it for soymilk. Not even my most… Read More

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Cooking Up Sunshine

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Barbi, TVA’s Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator and I’ve decided to join in on the blog fun that my colleague Carly enjoyed over the summer. Soon you’ll also be meeting Autumn, one of our past communications interns. Ever since the 29th Vegetarian Food Festival, people have been asking me what it’s like post-festival. “It must be such a relief!” “You finally get some relaxing time!”. Actually….no! Thanks to such an amazing, committed army of volunteers that the Toronto Vegetarian Association has, things don’t slow down after the Festival, and the office has been a buzz as we plan for almost non-stop outreach. Since September 8th, Toronto Vegetarian Association volunteers have staffed tables at Word on the Street, a Wellness Fair in Oakville and two Humber College events, and by the end of today will have also given out about 10,000 leaflets promoting a vegetarian diet on university campuses in the GTA. But there is one thing that changes in the office post-festival, and that’s the unveiling of the fully stocked, newly organized, bursting bookshelves full of all the latest and greatest vegetarian titles that shipped in just before September 6th. If you… Read More

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Vegetarian Directory Updates – October 2013

New Vegan Online Store The Vegan Aisle (www.veganaisle.ca) is a new online source for vegan, ethically-made (fair-trade), and environmentally-sustainable goods based right here in Toronto. “We’re committed to selling products that are not only good for non-human animals and you, but also good for the human animals who make them and the environment. That’s why, not only is all our stuff vegan, we try to carry merch that puts an effort into being fairly-traded and environmentally-sustainable as well!” No time for pouring over labels and ingredients wondering if they’re natural, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced? No worries! Everything from food, cleaners, and body care- it’s all here! “We read the labels for you so you don’t have to!” Check out The Vegan Aisle on Facebook and Twitter for feature items, specials, and new products! New Vegan Cooking Classes The Real Meal (www.therealmealclasses.com) “emphasizes vegan cooking in a way that’s accessible and balanced – with an understanding that balance sometimes involves comfort food.” Based in Toronto, Chef Allysia cooks, teaches and blogs with her partner, Mike Van Betuw and offers fully plant-based cooking classes and personal chef services. Both public and private classes… Read More

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October Social Group Events

  Queer Veggie Group After a bit of a hiatus, the Queer Veggie Group re-launched at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Festival!  They meet monthly on the last Sunday of each month. Get more information from queerveggiesocial@veg.ca. Vegan Baking Group The next vegan bakeluck will be Sunday, October 6th at 3pm, at Churchill Park (Spadina Rd & St. Clair West Ave) by the picnic table at the north-west corner of the tennis court. Welcoming sweet and savoury vegan baked goodies! RSVP to tvabaking-owner@yahoogroups.com. For events and more details, or visit their website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tvabaking. Vegetarians of High Park The Vegetarians of High Park will meet at Magic Oven at their new Junction location on Tuesday, October 15th at 6:30 pm. Details at highparkveg.wordpress.com. RSVP required to highpark@veg.ca. East End Vegetarians The East End Vegetarians are helping to organize a screening of Forks Over Knives on Saturday, October 19th, from 10 am to 12 pm at the East End Community Health Centre (1619 Queen Street East). The film promotes a vegetarian diet for healthy living, and is a great opportunity to bring non-veg friends who live in the east end! Please phone Sudha to register at 416-778-5805… Read More

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Discount Profile: Hibiscus

Care of Carly Ingram Hibiscus is a cute and cozy cafe in the Kensington Market with a vegan and gluten-free emphasis, including dairy-free ice cream and gluten-free crepes. I’d passed it many times on my way home from class and finally stopped in for lunch. I couldn’t resist the salad after reading about its healthy status and array of colours in the Toronto Star (click here to read the great review!). This rainbow salad includes marinated tofu, broccoli, carrots, kale, beans, quinoa, red beets and lentils, among other delicious flavours. And my was it delicious! The soup and salad combo is served with a delicious and crispy raw vegan cracker and a mug of super-hot squash soup. I loved that the soup came in a mug; I felt as though I was sipping a decadent and savory drink. During dinnertime, Hibiscus also offers a new and exciting soup of the day. The entire meal was extremely filling and delicious, and I couldn’t resist the fudgey brownie for dessert. I felt justified in my decision since it is made with chickpea flour. “This was great!” my dad exclaimed, after enjoying his buckwheat crepe with tomatoes, basil, and cheese. Read More

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2013 Toronto Veg Awards

In August, 2013, the Toronto Vegetarian Association members nominated their favourite vegetarian and veg-friendly businesses in the first ever Toronto Veg Awards. The general public, including members, then voted to select the winners! Over 2000 people cast their votes. We congratulate all the winning as well as the nominated businesses, and also celebrate the wonderful contributions of ALL vegetarian and veg-friendly businesses in Toronto. For a list of more great vegetarian businesses, visit veg.ca/directory. Favourite Veg Restaurant, City of Toronto WINNER: Fresh Camros Organic Eatery Grasslands Green Earth Hibiscus Hogtown Vegan Hot Beans Jean’s Vegetarian Kitchen King’s Cafe Live Organic Rawlicious Udupi Palace Vegetarian Haven Favourite Veg Restaurant Outside Toronto, Ontario only WINNER: Kindfood, Burlington Brar’s, Brampton Cornerstone Cafe, Guelph Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant, Markham Pure Food Bar, Collingwood Raw Aura, Port Credit Rise Above, St Catharines The Green Door, Ottawa The Jasmine Garden, Whitby The Naked Sprout, Burlington Thrive Juice Bar, Waterloo Veg Out, London Favourite Veg-Friendly Restaurant, City of Toronto WINNER: Magic Oven Disgraceland Freshii Khao San Road Lick’s Nazareth Restaurant Rancho Relaxo Sneaky Dee’s Tabule The Beet Windsor Arms Hotel Favourite Vegan Pizza WINNER: Magic Oven Amato Pizza Famoso Neapolitan Pizzaria Khalsa Pizza Mamma’s Pizza… Read More

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Vegetarian Directory Updates – September 2013

New Vegan Online Shopping & Delivery The Vegan Artisan (5915 Atlantic Dr., Unit 1, 905-362-2388, www.theveganartisan.com) is a brand new online retail store where vegan/gluten-free products can be ordered and shipped right to your door! The new sister company of Veggie Paradise, “The Vegan Artisan is all about making it simple. We are committed to your making vegan lifestyle as simplistic and delicious as possible.”  In addition to the complete line of Veggie Paradise products such as fresh salads and vegan comfort food (such as vegan “chickenless” pot pie), The Vegan Artisan carries the finest quality TVP products, soy products, seitan & tofu, and amazing vegan “chicken”, “ham”, and even “seafood”! And for dessert there’s also a selection of gluten-free sweets.  Orders of fresh, dry, or frozen vegan cuisine is overnight shipped right to your door, or for a significant discount, orders can also be picked up at their warehouse. Become a Vegan Artisan member and enjoy even bigger savings! Check out their website for details and a full list of products, and follow The Vegan Artisan on Twitter and Facebook. Toronto Veg Card holders save 10%… Read More

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