Friend or Faux? Why Having Vegan Meat Alternatives Is Good For The Vegan Movement

Several months ago I was having dinner with my close friend and his family when a conversation about Beyond Meat burgers came up. I was surprised by how strong an opinion his mother had on the subject, considering she wasn’t plant-based herself. “All those fake burgers are so bad for you!” she exclaimed. “I thought being vegan was supposed to be about being healthy. People shouldn’t be eating all that processed stuff!” I took this as an opportunity to discuss her perceptions around vegan meat alternatives, and thought I would share some of what was discussed with you here! Friend or Faux? The ‘goodness’ of vegan meats has been an ongoing discussion both within and without the vegan community for several years, especially now that vegan meats have become so mainstream. Everywhere from McDonald’s to your local Walmart now carries plant-based meat and dairy alternatives, with almost all fast-food chains now carrying a plant-based protein option of some kind.  While many veggies and omnivores alike are excited about this rapid growth in options and popularity, there are also some common criticisms around both the products and their proliferation, most particularly around fast food vegan… Read More

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Intersectionality and Veganism: Let’s Talk About It

In the US, black people are 3x more likely to be vegan or vegetarian than any other racial group. A recent study also found that 31% of people of color (POC) have reduced their meat consumption in the US, compared to only 19% of white Americans.  So why is there a lack of representation in a movement that black vegans are clearly such a big part of? Let’s talk about intersectionality and the vegan movement.  First, the basics: What is intersectionality? Essentially, intersectionality is an analytical framework for understanding how, depending on combined social and political identities, people live in and experience the world differently depending on the different levels of privilege and oppression they experience.  For example, while a black woman and a white woman may both deal with sexism, a black woman will also deal with systematic and day-to-day racism. Both parts of her identity come with their own ways of experiencing the world and become tied up together, mutually reinforcing in a way that creates specific and unique experiences that, for example, a white woman would not face. … Read More

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Veganuary 2022 – Veg Influencer Roundup!

During Veganuary, we posted vegan and veg-friendly influencers every week who we think you should definitely be following (that is, if you aren’t already!) In case you missed these posts or aren’t on social media, here is our Veganuary Influencer Roundup. All of these influencers are also either Toronto locals or Canadian! TORONTO Vegan Yums: Always prioritizing fun and humor, Taylor and Marley welcome viewers no matter where they are in their journey and empower them to make positive lifestyle changes! Avra Epstein: Great vegan recipes, hot-to’s and grocery hauls. Plus, pre-COVID she organised great vegan events in TO! Two Market Girls: They make yummy plant-based desserts, comfort… Read More

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Veganuary Book Bundles!

For most people transitioning to a vegan diet, one of the first things you do is research and gather resources to help you on your journey. That’s why we’re offering an unbelievable promotion on some fantastic vegan books: $31 bundles to celebrate the 31 days of Veganuary! Each bundle includes 5 books, with retail values of up to $145. Bundles include the ‘Beginner on a Budget’, ‘Sweet Treats’, ‘Get Tipsy and Eat Carbs’, and ‘The Vegan Athlete’ and include everything from cookbooks; to diet/nutrition and fitness guidance; to vegan living success stories. Click here for our full list. See anything you’d like to nab? Email us at executivedirectortva@gmail.com letting us know which bundle you’d like, and we’ll work with you to arrange payment and pickup. It’s first come first serve, so don’t wait! Spoil yourself or your loved ones signing up for Veganuary this year with a gift of vegan inspiration and resources, and help make their transition as easy and fun as possible!  Tight on Time bundle (for those looking for quick and simple meals) The College Vegan Cookbook ($22.99) The Vegan Instant Pot Cookbook ($29.95) Raw, Quick & Delicious! ($24.95) One-Dish Vegan ($32.99) Speed… Read More

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Local Holiday Gift Guide 2021

If you’ve been following our socials over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen the amazing local veg businesses we’ve been featuring for your holiday gifting inspiration. We’re putting them all here in one place for your perusal! Want your chance to bid on these great vendors? Check out our silent auction. But hurry; the auction ends December 14th at noon! Better Batter Cookie Dough Need cookies? This awesome, dine safe certified 100% plant based bakery in Whitby offers samplers of cookies, soups, biscuits, caramel corn and other goodies! Crisper Kits Looking for meal delivery? Crisper Kits is Toronto’s only zero waste, plant-based meal kit subscription service. We deliver fresh ingredients and tasty recipes in reusable packaging that we retrieve from your doorstep.  Apple Lash Bar Get these premium quality, 100% vegan (and vegan-owned) lash extensions! Located in Downtown Toronto. Welcoming people of all genders. Organic Garage Organic Garage is a Canadian, grocery store with a healthy conscience. Our mission is to bring you the best quality organic and all natural products,… Read More

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TVA’s Vegan Holiday Shopping List

Whether you’re shopping for the other vegans in your life, or for omnivores but want to make sure your shopping list stays in line with your values, we’ve got you covered with our top picks for anyone in your circle. When you buy from this list you are also supporting our vegan non-profit, to help create a kinder, greener, more compassionate future, as we earn a small portion of sales from every Amazon Affiliate link used below. Now let’s get into our top picks… For the one ready to start a debate with Uncle Joe over holiday dinner  From holiday-themed pullovers to more year-round vegan T-shirts and hoodies, treat yourself or a loved one to vegan clothing and make a statement this year. Just think of all the great debates that can be had with that one controversial uncle of yours when you pull up to the gathering wearing a “Tis the season to go vegan” sweater. For the… Read More

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Veg Out 501: Talking Veg with TVA’s ED Kimberly D’Oliveira

Do you want to get to know TVA’s new Executive Director Kimberly D’Olivera?  Today, Steve and Ana share a virtual meet ‘n greet with Kimberly.  During this episode, Kimberly shares her vegan journey, the story of how she came to know the TVA, and some of her favourite foods.  We invite you to join us in getting to know Kimberly! https://veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/VegOut20210612-with-Kimberly-DOliveira.mp3 Download the Episode Links Some of the fun things you will hear about during this session: The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky Raw.Vegan. Not Gross by Laura Miller Green Goddess Cheese Miyoko’s Cheese DIY Vegan by Nicole Axworthy and Lisa Pitman TVA Lunch Club Join the TVA on: Instagram, Facebook and as a member Credits Hosts: Ana and Steve Theme Music: Matt Judge https://media.blubrry.com/tvp/p/veg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/VegOut20210612-with-Kimberly-DOliveira.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download… Read More

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June Veg Guide Updates!

Happy June! Happy Pride! As we hopefully start to ease out of our thousand months of lockdown we have a quick Veg Guide update for all of you with new places for you to check out, read on!    Blissful Bird 489 College St. This vegan chick’n place running out of Snakes and Lattes on College has been getting a lot of press for its vegan fried chicken sandwiches and bowls. We have it on good authority that it’s delish! Make sure to order yours before showing up, they’re so popular they’ve been selling out!    Fresh Hamilton 151 York Boulevard, Hamilton Hamilton has a new vegan resto! (I feel like we say that every month!) Hamilton folks are super lucky to have another choice of vegan eats; Fresh has opened up a location for delivery and takeout! Who’s up for packing up and moving to Hamilton for eats full-time?    Joughnuts 5915 Atlantic Dr. Unit #1 Mississauga Joughnuts is a new doughnut shop in Mississauga. They offer weekly tasters boxes with six different flavours available for pickup on Saturday afternoons. The offerings… Read More

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Come work with us: Three Canada Summer Jobs opportunities!

  We’re hiring! Are you under 30 and a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident? Interested in helping us work on some great upcoming projects? Apply for one of our three Canada Summer Jobs positions! Click on the links below to read the full job descriptions as well as details for how to apply. The Community Outreach Assistant will be primarily responsible for engaging with the local plant-based community by assisting with the planning and execution of the Veg Guide to optimize the number of businesses willing to list their vegetarian and vegan options to serve the community. Secondly, they will be responsible for assisting with outreach, mainly through some digital support for the virtual veg food fest and other administrative tasks in support of these programs. The Veg Food Fest Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Toronto Vegetarian Association Team during the preparation and execution of the 37th annual Veg Food Fest (VFF). Due to the effects of COVID-19, this year’s VFF will look and feel very different to what it has in previous years and the individual in this role will play a significant part in helping the TVA… Read More

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March / April Veg Guide Updates!

Happy (almost) April! If you’re near Dundas West, you’re in luck; there are THREE new vegan places nearby! But there’s lots this month for everyone, including a new big chain offering vegan burgers, and some great places east of the city. Read on!   Fig Kitchen and Market 29 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Fig Kitchen and Market features a market with all vegan goodies, produce, cheeses and so much more, plus a restaurant (with an awesome patio to come). This is brought to you by the owner of the Bar Cafe which closed recently to make way for this larger location. This is your place north-east of the city to get Vego bars, all the vegan cheeses, Loon kombucha, and so many more hard-to-find goodies. We can’t wait to try their patio out this summer! The cafe offers espresso drinks, smoothies, pizza, bowls, salads, sandwiches and more!    Harlem Bodega 1307 Dundas Street West Harlem Bodega makes amazing Harlem style Puerto-Rican food, and it’s delicious. We love their chopped cheeze and their fried pastelillos. And now west enders can enjoy their food, because they’ve… Read More

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