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Discount Profile: bloomer’s in Bayview Village

Discount: 10% off  Veg Status: All vegan Where: 3 locations! This profile features the location in Bayview Village Shopping Mall, but they also have one at 715 Queen St. West and 873 Bloor Street West. Unless you are brand new to Toronto, by now you should be familiar with one of Toronto’s longest-standing all-vegan bakeries. bloomer’s has been delighting Torontonians for years with their array of donuts, muffins, sandwiches, and more. But now, those living north of the downtown core can enjoy their treats too, and even more! On my way to visit my parents, I decided to stop in to perhaps grab a donut or two. I had no idea how large this new location of theirs was and was blown away! In addition to their cases of freshly baked goods, there was an entire wall of freezers packed with all kinds goodies! There are homemade bagels, cream cheeses, pot pies, and ready-to-go full sized cakes. I grabbed a couple of everything bagels which were almost gigantic, as well as a mini curry pot pie which was just perfect heated up on a cold winter’s night the following week. After oohing and… Read More

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February 2021 Social Group Events

TVA Reads is holding their next Zoom book club on February 17th at 6:30 pm. They’ll be discussing the book Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead. Email for more info and to RSVP. The Toronto Starch Solution Group meets the first Friday of each month at 7 pm on Zoom. Their February meeting is Friday, February 5th. If you are interested in learning more about health promotion and maintenance through whole foods, plant-based eating, join them, bringing your questions, struggles, or success stories to share. Email for the Zoom link.  … Read More

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Job Opportunity: Bookkeeper/Accountant

Position Overview: The Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is an inclusive, pro-vegan non-profit organization that inspires people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. TVA is seeking a detail-oriented bookkeeping professional to provide bookkeeping and certain accounting services. The Bookkeeper/Accountant will assist in the execution of a variety of financial duties including the preparation and maintenance of all financial records. The organization is seeking to fill this role through a service agreement with an independent contractor. Responsibilities Bookkeeping  Post deposits, supplier invoices and payments  Prepare weekly deposits  Prepare electronic or manual cheques for paying supplier invoices  Prepare bank reconciliations and other account reconciliations  Reconcile donations database against payment processing statements and bank transactions  Prepare manual bi-weekly salaried payroll cheques and monthly source deduction remittances  Prepare monthly financial statements for the Executive Director and Treasurer for presentation to the Board of Directors Accounting  Prepare annual T4, T4A and T4NR4 slips and summaries  Prepare annual HST return  Prepare annual charity return  Prepare month-end and year-end adjusting entries  Preparing for and managing… Read More

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Farewell to Denyse Mehta, Executive Director

Care of Nital Jethalal, President, TVA Happy 2021 everyone! 2020 was certainly a challenging year, and one that I know we will not soon forget. On behalf of the TVA Board of Directors and staff, I want to thank you for your continued support not only of TVA, but of veg businesses and the veg community in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Thank you, thank you, thank you! While there have been many heartbreaking stories over the last year, there have also been reasons for hope — from so many people wearing masks and taking precautions to keep ourselves and each other safe, to new veg-friendly businesses opening up during the pandemic, and news that vaccines are on their way. We’re not out of the woods yet, but hope you share our enthusiasm about what 2021 can hold for all us. I’d like to update you on a few developments at TVA. First, after three and a half years with the Toronto Vegetarian Association, Executive Director Denyse Mehta has decided to leave the organization. Her last day with TVA will be January 15, 2021. Denyse has made many important contributions to TVA during her time with the organization. Read More

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Veg Out 490: Getting Healthy With Dr. Shane Williams

New year, new opportunity to build healthier habits! We wanted to kick off another year of the Veg Out podcast with an episode featuring Dr. Shane Williams (originally from Newfoundland and now based in Bracebridge, ON), a community leader and cardiologist with in-depth knowledge about the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. You’ll hear from Dr. Williams about common myths (“but where do you get your protein?”), the China Study (which demonstrates how nutrition affects cardiovascular diseases), why social connection and community is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and the fine art of convincing and leading by example. Download Episode Links Dr. Williams Cardiology Science Fictions – The Book The China Study Credits Hosts: Steve, Ana, and Sweta Guest: Dr. Shane Williams Editing: Sweta Write Up: Sarah Bradley Theme Music: Matt Judge… Read More

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Job Posting: Executive Director

Job Opportunity: Executive Director of an Inclusive, Pro-Vegan Non-Profit POSITION OVERVIEW The Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is an inclusive, pro-vegan non-profit organization that inspires people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. The Executive Director (ED) of the organization will have overall operational responsibility for TVA’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission, including updating the organization’s name and branding. The ED reports to the Board of Directors and will work with the Board to develop and implement the organization’s strategic plan. We are seeking someone who is a charismatic leader, a strategic thinker and passionate about the vegan movement. The ED must be highly collaborative, innovative, and have strong relationship building and partnership skills. They must also be committed to continuous growth and improvement, for themselves, for TVA, and for the vegan movement. In addition, the ED should be acutely aware of not only the challenges, but also the opportunities for innovation during these uncertain pandemic times. The ED should have at least three years of demonstrated leadership experience, as well as experience in: strategic planning; program planning and implementation; public relations; team-building and financial management. Special consideration will be given… Read More

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Veg Out 489: Remembering 2020

Well, we’ve come to the end of 2020! Our merry podcast hosts Sweta, Jeanette, Steve, and Ana take some time to reflect on a year like no other. From highs to lows to lingering uncertainties, we’ve managed to stay connected through virtual events and have introduced exciting new TVA programming looking ahead to 2021. Even though we can’t gather in person this year, we’re so grateful to continue to keep in touch with you, our listeners, and the broader community. During these times, being able to connect with like-minded folks is more meaningful than ever. And what would the holidays be without delicious and soul-warming food? If you’re a TVA member, here’s a friendly nudge to take a look at the Veg Food Guide to find out what your TVA card gets you – we guarantee that ordering a special treat or two will bring some extra joy to your holiday season, no matter how you choose to celebrate this year. It’s more important than ever to support our local veg businesses: if you’re on social media, consider tagging the places you’re frequenting and spread the word! For more details on many of the restaurants we talked about, check out the… Read More

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Food of the Month: Lentil Walnut Meatloaf

Care of Andrea Howe of Winter is a time when we Canadians turn to hearty, warm meals, often using more canned foods. Since our climate is not capable of growing fresh produce all year round, using canned products, like lentils, is a great way to still use local products. Lentils are a nutrition-packed ingredient you should definitely be including in your diet. They are so versatile and because they have a mild flavour, they’re great in most dishes. Lentils are rich in iron, fibre, B vitamins, and a great source of plant-based protein. Just one cup of cooked lentils provides about 18g of protein. Additionally, their fibre content comes in at about 15g for 1 cup, giving you about half of your daily needs. Fibre is a nutrient most people do not get enough of. Increasing fibre in your diet can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and the risk of developing various chronic diseases and cancer. Their B-vitamin content also makes them great for our brain. B vitamins, such as thiamine and folate aid in healthy brain development in infants, as well as the maintenance and function in adult brains. Additionally, lentils are a great source of… Read More

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Discount Profile: Copper Branch

Discount: 10% off  Veg Status: All vegan Where: 18 locations across Ontario! Copper Branch’s food is so delicious and the portions so generous, that going just once over the past couple of months wasn’t enough. I was back after just a few weeks. My partner and I were lucky enough to be passing by the Oshawa location during a lull in COVID cases in the summer, and were actually able to dine in. This location is huge with different dining areas that include both regular tables as well as a more cozy area with a sofa. No matter how many times I go to Copper Branch and tell myself I should try something new, I just can’t ever pass up their signature Copper Bowl. It comes with the most delicious, gooey veggie chicken, plenty of healthy steamed broccoli, and a creamy slaw on top of whatever base you choose (noodles, quinoa, or brown rice). We also enjoyed the classic poutine which could have been a meal unto itself! I loved their style of thinly cut fries, still with some skin left on, and the dollops of gravy and cheese were beyond generous. This is one decadent, saucy poutine!… Read More

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Veg Out 488: Vegan Desserts and Holiday Baking with Ally Lazare

We’re now fully into December and the holiday season, a time when people turn to baking for comfort, sharing and gifting. Toronto based vegan cookbook author Ally Lazare joins Barbi and Jeanette to talk about her latest book, Vegan Dessert Cookbook, as well as share tips and recipes for baking for the holidays, and baking during a pandemic. Plus, we preview the Veg Holiday Market! Ally will be doing a baking demo as part of the holiday market, so make sure to click on the website on Dec 12 to find out how to make Gingerbread Donuts!… Read More

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