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Veg Out 501: Talking Veg with TVA’s ED Kimberly D’Oliveira

Do you want to get to know TVA’s new Executive Director Kimberly D’Olivera?  Today, Steve and Ana share a virtual meet ‘n greet with Kimberly.  During this episode, Kimberly shares her vegan journey, the story of how she came to know the TVA, and some of her favourite foods.  We invite you to join us in getting to know Kimberly! Download the Episode Links Some of the fun things you will hear about during this session: The Most Important Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky Raw.Vegan. Not Gross by Laura Miller Green Goddess Cheese Miyoko’s Cheese DIY Vegan by Nicole Axworthy and Lisa Pitman TVA Lunch Club Join the TVA on: Instagram, Facebook and as a member Credits Hosts: Ana and Steve Theme Music: Matt Judge… Read More

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Veg Out 500: Going Planetarian with PlasticFree TO

Wondering how to live a more sustainable lifestyle but stuck on those pesky single-use plastics that many of our favourite products come in? We’re here for you with tips and inspiration from Lin and Toni Sappong, founders of local initiatives like PlasticFree TO and Leslieville Reduces – and self-professed Planetarians. These sisters are leading the way in low-waste living in Toronto while being real about the structural challenges we face in doing so. Tune in to hear about the crossover between veganism, and social and environmental justice, and how we can tap into community care during this second “pandemic spring”. Download Episode Links A Plastic Ocean documentary PlasticFree TO on: Instagram, and TikTok The Sustainability Sisters article TVA Lunch Club Toronto Veg Fitness HITT Workouts Credits Hosts: Sarah, Sweta and Steve Editing: Sweta Write Up: Sarah Bradley Theme Music: Matt Judge… Read More

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Veg Out 499: Spring Cookbook Club

Barbi, Ana and Jeanette call of a meeting of the Veg Out Cookbook Club to talk about some recently published cookbooks and new discoveries. If you are in a cooking rut, this episode is for you. Download the episode! Cookbooks recommended in this episode: The Plant Based Cookbook by Ashely Madden Simply Delicious Vegan by Caitlin Shoemaker Oh She Glows for Dinner by Angela Liddon Baked with Love by Brittany Berlin Good Housekeeping’s Everyday Vegan by Susan Westmoreland… Read More

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We’re hiring: Impact and Giving Coordinator!

Job Opportunity: Impact and Giving Coordinator, Toronto Vegetarian Association POSITION OVERVIEW  The Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is a very inclusive, pro-vegan, non-profit organization that inspires people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate plant-based lifestyle. As we continue to evolve and grow, our goal is to be as innovative and ahead of the curve in 2021 as we were in 1945 when we were founded. To support our mission and vision we are growing our team to include an Impact & Giving Coordinator (IGC), who will be responsible for revenue generation and fundraising efforts in the areas of impact and giving for the TVA. We are seeking an engaging individual who thrives in a dynamic role, can collaborate effectively and can build and deepen relationships and community. The successful candidate will have their finger on the pulse of the vegan movement, informing our programs and keeping our work current and relevant. To thrive in this role, the IGC must be social media savvy and act as a TVA brand champion. We need an individual who is as comfortable writing a blog post as they are writing a petition or speaking to the value and… Read More

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Veg Out 498: Vegan Armenian Cuisine with Lena Tashjian

Veg Out is back with an episode celebrating international flavours in vegan cooking. Our guest Lena Tashjian recently released a stunning cookbook called The Vegan Armenian Kitchen and we chatted with her about her vegan journey, recipe development process (cookbook author perk: eating dessert for dinner multiple days in a row!), and translating cherished family recipes into a modern cookbook. You’ll gain a new appreciation for plant-based staples and learn creative tips for meal prep for those times when you just can’t eat the same leftovers for an entire week. You can order her cookbook directly from the Vegan Armenian Kitchen website or in store (see below). Download Episode LINKS The Vegan Armenian Kitchen website Buy The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook, Online Purchasing Options From Vegan Armenian Kitchen Amazon Buy in store, in Canada Hamazkayin Bookstore: 45 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, Ontario YamChops: 705 College Street, Toronto, Ontario Mamajoun: 209 Ellesmere Rd, Unit #6, Scarborough, Ontario Antikka: 960 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario 57 Végane: 5475 Royalmount Ave #107, Mount Royal, Quebec… Read More

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Veg Out 497: TMRW Foods with Dean Blignaut

Dean Blignaut is the Co-Founder and President of TMRW Foods, a plant-based food company on a mission to bring better food to more people. Ana and Jeanette talk to Dean about his experience at Virtuous Pie, how he started TMRW Foods after participating in a vegan burger competition, and how he plans to grow the brand and make plant based protein affordable, healthy and widely available. Download the episode. Read More

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Welcome to Kimberly D’Oliveira, TVA’s new ED!

In January, we began the search for an Executive Director (ED) who would help our organization not only pivot, but thrive during the pandemic and beyond. Fifty applications and multiple interviews later, we are excited to announce that TVA’s new ED is Kimberly D’Oliveira! Beyond simply being a committed, intersectional vegan, Kimberly has a deep understanding of and passion for the vegan movement. She is also filled with innovative ideas related to outreach, community building and organizational growth. We are very excited to have her on board and are confident that she has the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm needed to help both our organization and the vegan movement to flourish; but rather than just take our word for it, we thought it is only fitting that you hear from Kimberly herself: Hi Everyone!  I’m so excited to serve you as Executive Director and look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible in the coming weeks and months. My vegan journey began over six years ago, but in hindsight, I’ve been on this path for the better part of 20 years. I’m passionate about this lifestyle and have… Read More

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Veg Out 496: Sam Turnbull Returns! Fast Easy Cheap Vegan Book Talk

This week, Barbi and Jeanette are joined by our guest Sam Turnbull. You may know Sam from her super popular blog and youtube channel  It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken. She released her first cookbook Fuss Free Vegan in 2017, which quickly became Jeanette’s favourite cookbook. Sam has also been a past guest at the Veg Food Fest, both in person and during our virtual festival, so we thank her for her continued work with the TVA.  Her brand new cookbook Fast, Easy, Cheap Vegan was just released, and joins us to tell us more about it! Download the episode. TVA Events: Join us for a physically distanced, in person Veg Spring Market! The Toronto Veg Fitness Group does a weekly virtual HIIT workout. Check out their facebook page for further details.  … Read More

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March / April Veg Guide Updates!

Happy (almost) April! If you’re near Dundas West, you’re in luck; there are THREE new vegan places nearby! But there’s lots this month for everyone, including a new big chain offering vegan burgers, and some great places east of the city. Read on!   Fig Kitchen and Market 29 Toronto Street South, Uxbridge Fig Kitchen and Market features a market with all vegan goodies, produce, cheeses and so much more, plus a restaurant (with an awesome patio to come). This is brought to you by the owner of the Bar Cafe which closed recently to make way for this larger location. This is your place north-east of the city to get Vego bars, all the vegan cheeses, Loon kombucha, and so many more hard-to-find goodies. We can’t wait to try their patio out this summer! The cafe offers espresso drinks, smoothies, pizza, bowls, salads, sandwiches and more!    Harlem Bodega 1307 Dundas Street West Harlem Bodega makes amazing Harlem style Puerto-Rican food, and it’s delicious. We love their chopped cheeze and their fried pastelillos. And now west enders can enjoy their food, because they’ve… Read More

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Discount Profile: Pizzeria Du

Discount: 10% off Tues-Thurs, and Sunday, for take-out or delivery Veg Status: All vegan Location: 536 Queen Street West Who doesn’t love a good pizza with a crispy crust? I certainly do! So I was very excited to hear that Pizzeria Du was participating in LocalLicious in March, and offering a stellar deal of a pizza, appetizer, and pint of gelato for only $34. While Pizzeria Du is of course, known for their pizza, they have quite a few appetizers and salads to choose from so it wasn’t an easy choice! I decided to try something I haven’t had before: panelle. I was super impressed with the crispy fried coating and the brightness of lemon! The wide range of gelato flavours (they have more than 25!) also made for a difficult decision. There are classic flavours like chocolate, mango, or strawberry, and unique ones like tamarind or stout beer. I went for something in middle: hazelnut praline. Of course, the pizza was the star of the show. The Canadian Deluxe was topped with a generous mix of both veggie meats and vegetables! There was veggie pepperoni and ground beef, as well as fresh mushrooms and green peppers. Pizzeria Du makes… Read More

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