A Tale of 2 Vegan Cities: Toronto vs. New York

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator New York City, so I’ve heard, is famous for it’s cornucopia of vegetarian restaurants. So, when my partner suggested he’d like to take a vacation there with one purpose in mind, to eat, I was up for it (although it doesn’t take much to convince me to go on vacation anywhere). Veggie Cajun chicken at Red Bamboo I found planning our 5 night trip quite overwhelming at first. With literally over 400 listings coming up for New York City on Happy Cow, in a city so vast and huge, I had no idea where to start in terms of narrowing down restaurant options and selecting a neighbourhood to stay in. Enter the beloved Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group community. Suddenly I had reliable sources of people with like-minded food preferences making recommendations for their favourite places and even sharing their personal google maps to help me get a sense for where the hot spots were. Despite everyone telling me 5 nights is a long time to spend in New York and plenty of time to get in the best restaurants and popular tourist attractions, I STILL felt overwhelmed and quickly came… Read More

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Veg Travel in Central America and Beyond

by Dinesh S. Parakh Canadians are fond of heading south to escape the clutches of winter, with many of the most popular destinations being in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. Trouble is, these parts of the world are not known for their animal-friendly culinary offerings, lacking a well-developed ‘veg consciousness’ compared to places like India, Taiwan, Ethiopia or Jamaica where vegetarianism is part of religious and cultural tradition. Some veg travelers don’t particularly care about the food, are fine with picking around meat, and take their chances with being temporarily malnourished. For others, authentic local (veg) food is an integral part of the travel experience. If you are indeed a veg foodie, we’d like to share some of our family’s experiences and tips for more successful (and delicious) veg travel, focused on Central America and the Caribbean. Safe, friendly and clean Costa Rica is popular with North Americans, and partly for that reason, it is relatively easy to find veg meals. You can order pizza/pasta/stir-fry in many restaurants, but there are also plenty of exclusively veg offerings. For example, the Israeli-run Lands in Love was a stunning find – a hotel smack dab in the middle of the… Read More

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Vegan Survival Guide to Central America

Care of Marco Pagliarulo Download the Vegan Survival Guide to Central America to find answers to questions such as: is it hard to travel in South America as a vegan? Where should you look for vegan options? What are some examples of vegan South American dishes? Plus, a glossary of phrases you can use when ordering food or asking questions! You can also click here to hear Marco’s Toronto Vegetarian Podcast interview about vegan travels in Central America. Vegan Survival Guide to Central America… Read More

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Vegetarian Travel Translation Cards and Glossaries

Thanks to the bright ideas of TVA volunteer extraordinaire Sally Grande, TVA is proud to announce the release of vegetarian travel translation cards! These cards serve the purpose of allowing you to dine as you travel the world and face language barriers. The cards say in both English and their respective language: “I am vegan. Please make sure there is no meat, no fish or fish sauce, no milk, no butter, no cheese, no milk powder or meat broth in my food”. Present the card to your server when traveling in another country and feel confident that your diet is understood. The travel cards are available in the TVA Resource Centre or can be downloaded and printed from the links below. Dutch Travel Card Hindi Travel Card Spanish Travel Card Korean Travel Card Italian Travel Card French Travel Card Greek Travel Card Chinese Travel Card Farsi Travel Card Vegan Passport The Vegan Society in the UK also sells a printed “Vegan Passport”, which translates similar phrases in dozens of global languages. Click here to purchase… Read More

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Discount Profile: Rooster’s Inn

If you’re looking for somewhere to get away for a day or two, look no further than the Rooster’s Inn B and B and Farm Sanctuary. The Rooster’s Inn, located just outside of Port Perry, offers the perfect opportunity to blend a vacation for yourself with supporting the rescue of farm animals. Your stay in one of the Rooster’s Inn’s beautiful guest rooms includes a gourmet vegetarian or vegan breakfast, plus a chance to unwind in their pool, and to meet their rescued animals including goats, chinchillas, guinea pigs and of course roosters and chickens. Recently featured in TVA’s documentary about local farm animal rescue, the Rooster’s Inn offers a 10% discount when you present your Toronto Veg Card. Where else can you relax in comfort, eat delicious vegetarian food, support a good cause and save a few dollars while you’re at it? Where? Located on the north side of Highway 7A, a few minutes east of Port Perry Veg Status? Vegetarian, although they have just as much expertise preparing vegan meals and easily do so upon request Savings with Toronto Veg Card: 10% off… Read More

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Recipes from Costa Rica

by David W. Grossman A few summers ago, I spent several weeks doing some medical research in a small town in Costa Rica called Tres Rios. As a vegan, I was initially somewhat disconcerted to discover that the Ticos had, for the most part, no concept of vegetarianism. However, a “casado” consisting of beans, rice, salad and fried plantain with a slab of beef or chicken on top, was universally available. Once I managed to convince the concerned locals that I really did not want the beef or chicken and that I honestly was happy without an egg or a piece of cheese instead, I was able to survive quite comfortably on the local cuisine. Costa Rica is certainly not known for its fine dining, and the “casado”, while satisfying, was hardly imaginative. However, I was very lucky to find myself staying with a uniquely gifted woman known as Doña Elvia. Before retiring she and her husband had operated a renowned restaurant for 20 years in San José. Although she had never before cooked a vegetarian meal, Doña Elvia quickly and happily adapted her traditional dishes to our dietary needs. She was fascinated by the idea of healthier… Read More

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