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Where to Find Vegan Thanksgiving Meals in Toronto

By Lauren: a writer and photographer for the vegan travel blog, Justin Plus Lauren, which follows her travels and adventures with her partner, Justin. Lauren is slowly making her way around the world and searching out the best vegan food as she travels. For most of the year, she lives in the Toronto area with Justin and their two cats, Chickpea and Peanut. The Fall season is upon us, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. Even though Thanksgiving isn’t traditionally a vegan or vegetarian holiday, there are many places to find Thanksgiving meals around the city that are free of meat and animal products. Don’t know how to cook? Don’t worry! I’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of places in Toronto where you can find warm and hearty Thanksgiving meals that won’t make you miss the turkey. Pre-Order Options These restaurants and catering businesses offer Thanksgiving meals that you must order in advance and pick up close to the holiday. This would be a great option for anyone wishing to eat a holiday meal at home or would like to bring a vegan meal to a family celebration. Apiecalypse Now Organic, vegan, handmade pumpkin pies in 9” and… Read More

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Effective Animal Advocacy: A Guide

On September 12th at the 31st Veg Food Fest at 3 pm, Pamela Tourigny will give her presentation, “Marketing  Veganism: Earning Friends and Allies for a More Vegan World” at the Studio Theatre. Pamela will speak on the ways that we can as individuals “market” veganism in our day-to-day lives, as well as how we can direct our activism efforts towards building bridges and working collaboratively with those outside of the vegan world to maximize the number of allies we have to build a vegan world – or at least a more vegan-friendly one! By Pamela Tourigny  Many people have commented to me over my years of involvement within the vegan community that they are often overwhelmed by all of the suffering that animals endure, leaving them unsure how to advocate for them effectively. It’s a feeling of   helplessness to which many can surely relate. I do not subscribe to the notion that all advocacy is good advocacy. It is important to consider what will resonate with those whose opinions and actions we seek to influence, otherwise our actions could hinder rather than help. It is about the people   who we want to impact positively, and the animals, NOT us. Read More

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It’s Easy Being Vegan in Italy

By Lauren Yakiwchuk I returned recently from a trip overseas to Italy for three weeks and it was incredibly simple to maintain a vegan diet during my travels. With a little preparation, you’ll find that eating a plant-based diet abroad is not only easy, but also very delicious. Here are some helpful tips to assist you on your journey! Before you go, do some research Be sure to look up restaurants ahead of time in the places that you will be visiting. You can find lots of amazing vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants using Happy Cow, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. There are also tons of vegan travel blogs online that you can find by searching for vegan food in Italy on Google. I’ve also compiled a list of vegan travel blogs on my vegan travel site, so be sure to check those out if you’re taking any upcoming vacations. It’s best to be armed with a list of places to eat ahead of time, if possible. Learn some phrases We were able to use English the entire time we were in Italy and didn’t have any difficulty ordering food in English. However, you might want to have… Read More

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Picnic in a Park

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator The TVA office can be a hectic and stressful place leading up to the Veg Food Fest, no doubt. Some days the office is abuzz with the chatter of meetings and volunteers helping out, and some days we are each zeroed in on our computers not uttering a word as we try to block out all distractions, forgetting to even eat lunch or go to the bathroom (well ok…we all know it’s a bit of a stretch that I would forget to eat lunch, but others do). But no matter what unexpected twists and turns come our way or how much work piles up, I always feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work at TVA and enjoy all the pleasures it brings. Like this week, when our manager Lucas and President Diane surprised us all with a staff appreciation picnic at Christie Pits Park! Can you guess based on the location what amazing culinary delights we were treated to? None other than Apiecalypse Now’s incredible pizza, mozzarella sticks and donuts. It was the perfect destination for a relaxing afternoon as we got ready to say goodbye to our Directory Assistant… Read More

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Introducing new members of the TVA team!

Summer at TVA means busy days prepping for the Veg Food Fest and outreach events, tripping over boxes of books and last but not least, two new staff people each and every year who join our team as the Festival and Events Assistant and Veg Directory Assistant. This summer, while our Executive Director David Alexander takes some time off to spend with his new daughter Sadie, we also have a new interim General Manager, Lucas Solowey and a new Veg Food Fest coordinator. Before the summer flashes by before our eyes, here’s a chance to get to know a few of the TVA folks a bit better. Kara Webb – Festival & Events Assistant Coffee or tea? I grew up a tea person, but I have also always liked coffee. But since moving to Canada, coffee culture has taken over my tastes and I now probably drink too much coffee and only have a ‘normal tea’ (black tea with milk), maybe once or twice a week. Dog or cat? This is TOO hard. As with coffee v tea, I used to consider myself one way inclined (cats) and am now completely obsessed with the other, dogs dogs dogs! Really I… Read More

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A Sneak Peak at Vegetarian Eco Camp

By Sanjana S, Vegetarian Eco-Camper in 2014, age 13 “How can you possibly live without bacon? Or steak? Or chicken wings?” This is something that almost every vegetarian kid faces at school, and after a while it gets tiring. So one of many things that really appealed to me about Veg Eco Camp was being around so many like-minded kids who ‘got it’. Kids who understood what it’s like to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t eat that” at their best friend’s birthday party, and kids who knew what it felt like to have to go to a ‘special’ line to get food because they didn’t eat what everyone else was eating. Vegetarian Eco Camp not only convinced me that I was doing the right thing, (that being vegetarian wasn’t weird, that it was humane) but the camp also inspired me to do more. Through workshops, lessons and activities, I learned to be more aware of everything I did. From whether or not my t-shirt was made in a sweatshop, to if my chocolate was fair trade, to whether or not my shampoo was animal tested, to how my words could affect so many people, camp made me a better person. Read More

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Save the Planet With Your Fork!

by Lucas Solowey, Interim General Manager Millions of people worldwide come together each year on April 22nd to celebrate Earth Day. In an effort to make our planet cleaner, greener and more sustainable, today many organizations are urging people to pick up a broom, change their light bulbs, recycle or buy a hybrid car. What if we told you that you could do more for the planet by eating a veggie burger than driving a hybrid car? That’s right: by going veg, we can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction and pollution, while saving water and other precious resources. In fact, raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all of the cars, planes and other forms of transportation combined. (Click here to learn more about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture) The Toronto Vegetarian Association works to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. In the spirit of Earth Day, we have some fun, easy and delicious recipes for you from local chefs and TVA business members. Why not make the world a better place while enjoying a tasty meal with friends and family? Check… Read More

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Where to buy Vitamin D supplements in Toronto

Vitamin D is an important nutrient for vegetarians and vegans to supplement with. It is a fact that it is not common in vegetarian foods (and actually it is found in few non-vegetarian foods too), and getting your Vitamin D from the sun by going out in the sunshine without sporting sunscreen isn’t a great idea either! There is no shame in taking supplements to ensure you have optimal health on a plant-based diet. So here’s what you need to know about finding a good Vitamin D supplement in Toronto. Vitamin D2 is usually vegan, however some people’s bodies do not absorb it very well even in supplement form, so they require Vitamin D3. However, Vitamin D3 is often not vegan (it can be derived from sheep’s wool). The catch here is that vegan Vitamin D3 is not commonly found in Toronto (yet!). If you’d like to have an easier time purchasing in Toronto, you could give Vitamin D2 a try and have your blood levels tested after a few months. If your Vitamin D levels are not optimal, then you will want to try and find Vitamin D3 in Toronto, or order it from a vegan supplier such as… Read More

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Where to Buy Vegan Shoes in Toronto

Today we continue sharing the vast knowledge from folks in the Toronto Vegetarian Association Facebook group. This resourceful group of people always seem to have answers to every and any question, so we’re creating a series of posts to compile and share this wonderful information. Here is the third in the series: Where to buy vegan shoes in Toronto. (Note: others completed so far include “Where to Find Vegan Coats” and “Host a Vegan Wedding”. Dr. Martens has vegan boots and shoes Saucony has many vegan shoes Payless, Aldo, Globo Shoes and The Shoe Company will typically carry some non-leather shoes for men, but usually the salespeople are not familiar with the contents of the shoes so you must read the labels. Try searching on the companies’ websites before visiting in store to make your search easier. Nice Shoes is a Canadian vegan shoe company in BC that offers free shipping with orders over $100 Sketchers has many cozy, evryday vegan shoes Visit Groovy and Get Outside on Queen West for a wide selection of Vans shoes, which have many vegan sneakers Journey’s… Read More

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Gentle Influence

By Angeline Judge, Resource Centre Chair, and Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator There’s no shortage of debate about the best form of activism to end the horrific cruelty taking place on this planet. Compassionate advocates talk openly about atrocities on factory farms, organize marches, hand out literature, and raise awareness about easy and yummy vegetarian options.  Different forms of activism reach different audiences and they all have their place. TVA often hears from new vegetarians about the frustration and hopelessness they feel as they learn more and more about the treatment of animals killed for food. They feel helpless, depressed, or overwhelmed by negative stories, and are afraid they aren’t doing enough. They start to feel alienated from or angry with their relatives and friends who don’t get it.  Some feel torn between making responsible plant-based food decisions for their children, and respecting the traditions of well-meaning family.  Some find little support from their doctors. People ask us, how do you stay positive amongst all of this? The good news is that even if you shy away from explicit animal activism like protests or vegetarian outreach, you are helping animals every single day just by living vegetarian or vegan… Read More

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