Discount Profile: Hibiscus

It’s always sad when one of our student interns leave TVA. But, this is also an excuse to go out for a celebratory meal! TVA staff did just that back in April and it was delicious, satisfying and affordable. Close to the TVA office in Kensington Market, Hibiscus is a small and quaint café, complete with park benches for seats at some tables! It was difficult for me to decide which of the many sweet and savoury crepes to order, but I decided to turn down the classic apple and cinnamon and opt for a tomato, basil and mushroom crepe with daiya cheese. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and turned out to be huge! The crepe was warm, the cheese melted and overall it was simply delicious. My three colleagues all ordered the soup and salad combo, which vegetarian discount card holders get 10% off! Autumn says of her dish “The soup and salad combo at Hibiscus is always a delicious surprise. I enjoyed a mix of vegetables, beans, tofu, nuts and grains with a warm bowl of squash soup. Nutritious and delicious!” Of course, no meal is complete without dessert and when it comes… Read More

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Discount Profile: Veda Healthy Indian Cuisine

If you’re looking for an affordable but hearty and filling lunch, look no further than Veda Healthy Indian Cuisine (and I mean that literally, you no longer need to look far because they now have 4 locations!). This Indian fast food take out place is not only very vegan-friendly, but the vegan options are clearly labelled making ordering quick and easy. Unless of course you are indecisive like me and can’t decide what to order! They carry “curritos” (vegetable curry and rice wrapped up a buritto), stuffed naan (yes!), and even a veggie burger. After much debate, I decided to go for the $5 small curry bowl (you can get a large for $8), which gave me my choice of regular or vegetable basmati rice, and 2 curries. There were 2 lacto-vegetarian and 3 vegan curries to choose for. I went for the mixed vegetable curry and channa masala and both were delicious, with just the perfect amount of spicyness for a bit of a kick. I topped it off with a baked veggie samosa, and after using my Toronto Veg Card for 10% off, the total including tax came to only $5.87! Discount: 10% off… Read More

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Discount Profile: Tori’s Bake Shop

Anyone who thinks non-vegans have it better than vegans when it comes to options for eating out in Toronto have clearly never been to Tori’s Bake Shop. Really, could anything be more idyllic than picking up an iced tea and chocolate croissant and taking it with you to the sandy beach just a few blocks away? Although I had heard about Tori’s before and knew there would be lots of delicious options, I was still floored by what I saw when I arrived. “Bacon” scones with daiya cheese, a colourful array of donuts, butter tarts, fancy chocolates, muffins and of course the famous croissants. The decision of what to get was so difficult, I almost wished they had less to offer! Fortunately, they give 10% off with the Toronto Veg Card, meaning I was able to try out a savoury scone, bright pink donut and the not-to-be-missed croissant. Then it was off to savour it all down by the beach, watching the waves crash. This is the life. Discount: 10% off Veg Status? Vegan, with plenty of gluten-free options too Where? 2188 Queen St. E. Read More

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Iced Coconut Lime Green Tea

Care of Amy Symington Ingredients  750 ml steeped and chilled green tea 1 tbsp agave or 1/8 tsp stevia (stir into tea while it’s hot) 1 L coconut water 4 sprigs of mint leaves 1 lime, zested and juiced 2 cups frozen strawberries Directions In a large punch bowl, combine ingredients. Serve in fun glasses with ice making sure all servings get all the goodies. Garnish with any leftover mint leaves or lime. Read More

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