Looking for a vegetarian roommate or job?

The following are direct links to Craigslist for finding housing, jobs, and personal ads that mention the word “vegetarian”. Craigslist features local community classifieds and forums – all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment. There is a Craigslist for most large cities in North America, and several in other parts of the world. For more categories of ads (such as childcare, ride shares, items for sale, etc.), click on one of the city links below. You can also customize your search. If you post a vegetarian ad through Craigslist, it will show up in our links. If your city is not listed below, go to Craigslist and select your city from the list (located on the right of every page), then do a search for the word “vegetarian”. Toronto Craigslist Housing – find a vegetarian roommate, sublet or apartment. Search all housing ads for the word “vegetarian”. Jobs – help wanted and people looking for work. Search all job ads for the word “vegetarian”. Also check out Montreal Craigslist, Ottawa Craigslist, VancouverCraigslist and other cities. Search for vegetarian or vegan opportunities. Looking for a vegetarian job? Charity Village: Ethical Careers:… Read More

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A Reflection on Agnes Kwasnicka

April 5, 2012 By Barbi Lazarus with assistance from Gregory Wasney It’s days like these that make me wish I had a blog, so that I could spontaneously write to the world about people, events or news that I want to share.  But alas, I don’t have a blog, so please stay with me as I share with you the impact that Agnes Kwasnicka, a cherished TVA volunteer and donor, has had not only on the Toronto Vegetarian Association and on animal activism, but also on me personally in my role as TVA’s donor and volunteer resources coordinator. Agnes and her equally fantastic husband, Greg Wasney, began volunteering with TVA back in the early 2000s, tabling at punk and ska shows on behalf of the organization. But I first met Agnes at a volunteer training session exactly one year ago from the day I am writing this story. As the person responsible for ensuring that TVA outreach events are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy volunteers, it is always an absolute pleasure to meet people like Agnes and Greg who arrive eager to get involved. I can still picture them clearly, coming up to me at the end… Read More

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Valentine’s Day

Veggie valentinos know that animal suffering – which is inherent in the meat industry – is a big turnoff! Plus being humane and healthy is hot, so this Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetie to a romantic vegan dinner. Vegetarian aphrodisiacs – from chocolate and strawberries to tomatoes and peppers – are famous for their reputed arousing qualities, but did you know that there’s a scientific reason why meat-free cuisine is a recipe for romance? The cholesterol and fat in animal foods slow the flow of blood to all of a man’s vital organs – not just his heart – but healthy vegetarian foods will leave lovers full of energy and vitality. Aphrodisiacs from the plant kingdom For vegetarian lovers there are plenty of aphrodisiacs to choose from – for an appetizer select steamed asparagus with a light salad dressing, the main course could be oyster mushrooms sautéed with leeks and briefly sautéed cherry tomatoes served over quinoa or rice that has had a little turmeric cooked into it, and with a tiny bit of saffron mixed in, and then finish off with a selection of fresh figs, strawberries and bananas with a dark chocolate dipping sauce. A valentine for… Read More

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The Vegetarian Culture of Malaysia

TANPA DAGING MASAKAN The South East Asian nation of Malaysia is also a haven for vegetarian delicacies. Its 21 million inhabitants, who spread over 329,725 square kilometres through the island chain of the South China Sea, have been waving the vegetarian flag for centuries now. The history of Malaysian cuisine reveals the diversity of its influence. The Malay, Chinese, Indian and European people, have all contributed to this nation’s diet for many centuries. In the 3rd and 4th century, Malaysia and Indonesia were part of the Hindu Javanese Empire, connecting the Subcontinent’s Hindu and Muslim religious diets. The Hindu Vedic laws and Islamic taboos against meat still influence today’s population. Westerners with their omnivorous appetites first came from Portugal, Holland and England 500 years ago. This immigration explains why most Malays have a sweet tooth for European desserts.   During the 15th century, the Chinese Ming dynasty sent diplomatic missions to the port city of Malacca, 160 kilometres southeast of Kuala Lumpur, in an effort to develop political  and economic ties. The marriage of Melaka Sultan Mamsur Shah of Malaysia, and Ming Princess Hang Li Po of China, opened up trade in spices and other foods. The Chinese merchants integrated… Read More

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Bringing up baby vegetarian

No one told me it would be this difficult – or this wonderful – raising a vegetarian child. A personal account by Tita Zierer My partner, Robin and I never discussed whether to raise our child as a vegetarian. We’ve been vegetarians for virtually all our adult lives, so it was assumed that anyone sharing our household would do the same, excepting the cats. We did discuss the degree of vegetarianism with respect to dairy and eggs; we eschew these products at home, but reluctantly acknowledge traces of their presence when eating out. But actually assuming responsibility for a young humanoid raises previously unforeseen challenges and questions. In the old days, otherwise known as ‘Life Before Baby,’ I confess to idyllic notions of angelic babies lapping up strained butternut squash and tofu cheese, gnawing happily on sesame granola, drooling over soy milk and carob shakes. Epitome of health Our fantasy baby is the epitome of health – never the victim of colic or ear infections which are associated with cow’s milk, far less likely to worry about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or later, the cancers and heart diseases linked to an animal product laden diet. ‘Life After Baby’ is a… Read More

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