Help us host our 2021 Veg Food Fest Popup!

Veg Food Fest is now officially one week away! We are SO excited to be back in person this year hosting our iconic festival. Like many other small organizations, and particularly as a non-profit, we were hit hard by COIVD19, and were unable to host any in-person fundraising events last year. We were only able to stay active thanks to the generous support of our loyal members and donors. Despite this challenge, we were determined to ensure this year’s Veg Food Fest still happened, while keeping it free and accessible to the public. This is because we value the community we’ve built through this organization, and want to continue to watch it grow. We know there are many different reasons people choose more plant-based options; whether it be for their health, the environment, animal rights, or the various intersectional social justice concerns around animal agriculture. Whatever your reason is, we want you to know we see you making a difference in the world, and you have a community of support here at the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  This is also why we’ve decided to keep VFF 100% free to attend… Read More

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