Choose Compassion

Boycott Cruelty

In order to produce meat, eggs and dairy products, factory farms have industrialized cruelty to such an extent that the abuse of farmed animals is now considered “normal” in animal agribusiness.

What does abuse look like? It looks like the brutal force-feeding of ducks and geese, and like hens packed in cages so tight they suffocate to death. It looks like mother pigs living in cages so narrow they can’t even turn around, and like the slaughter of baby male calves on dairy farms because they are of no use to the farmer. Animals are crammed together in open trucks, sometimes freezing to death as they are transported from the factory farm to the slaughterhouse.

But all this doesn’t have to be normal anymore. You can create change just by saying yes to the healthy, delicious veggie alternatives.

Here are three easy steps to get you started:

Choose a plant-based diet—

Farm animals lead complex emotional lives and experience feelings of love and loss, joy and sadness— vegetarians reduce animal suffering by boycotting cruelt, plus going veg is fights climate change and reduces other ecological damage done by animal agriculture. Try the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s week-long Veggie

Challenge ( or Meatless Mondays ( for tips, recipes and other resources to help you get started. Borrow one of many great recipe books from our Resource Library and prepare a great veggie meal with your family. Remember, nothing persuades a veggie-skeptic more than delicious, nutritious plant-based food!

Promote TVA’s Veggie Challenge

at home, at school, or wherever you hang out with your friends. There are prizes to be won, and your friends will be blown away by the great food they’ll be trying, maybe for the first time.

Download a copy of the

Vegetarian Directory from In it you’ll find vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the GTA. Next time you’re going out for dinner with family and friends, why not support a restaurant where cruelty is not on the menu?

For more information on boycotting cruelty and maintaining a plant-based diet, look for the Toronto Vegetarian Association on Facebook or follow us at