Veg Out 510: Learning about TVA’s Board & AGM


October 16, 2021

Today Sweta and Ana chat with Elliot Alexander and Peter McQueen about all things TVA.  With the TVA Annual General Meeting coming up and the recent call for committee members we thought the timing was right to learn about how the TVA works behind the scenes.  Elliot and Peter, two of our current board members, talk about how the TVA Board works, how board members are elected and more.  As a bonus, we learn about their personal experiences.

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The Annual General Meeting is going to be held virtually on Saturday, November 27th at 1pm.

To learn more about how the AGM and for all the details you can see our fact sheet and the relevant excerpt from our Bylaw.

If you would like to attend the meeting and are not currently a member then JOIN NOW!.  If you have any questions about how to be more involved with the TVA email us at


Hosts: Ana and Sweta
Editing: Sweta
Write Up: Ana
Theme Music: Matt Judge


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