Veg Out 505: Vegan Camping


August 7, 2021

Let’s Go Camping!

Ugh. It’s August and we’re still not supposed to travel outside of Canada unless necessary. If you’re lucky, and rich, you might have had the foresight to book a cottage somewhere up north months ago. If not, hey, there’s still camping! Our three vegan camping enthusiasts — Marni, Barbi and Steve — discuss how to have a successful plant-based camping experience that goes beyond the Beyond Burgers. We’ve got tips, tricks, recipes and even some suggestions about where to camp if you’re having a tough time finding a spot at a provincial park.

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Links See June 14, 2021 post for information on glamping at the sanctuary


Hosts: Marni Weisz, Barbi and Steve
Editing: Sweta
Write Up: Marni Weisz
Theme Music: Matt Judge
Image: Wikimedia

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