Veg Out 498: Vegan Armenian Cuisine with Lena Tashjian


May 1, 2021

Veg Out is back with an episode celebrating international flavours in vegan cooking. Our guest Lena Tashjian recently released a stunning cookbook called The Vegan Armenian Kitchen and we chatted with her about her vegan journey, recipe development process (cookbook author perk: eating dessert for dinner multiple days in a row!), and translating cherished family recipes into a modern cookbook. You’ll gain a new appreciation for plant-based staples and learn creative tips for meal prep for those times when you just can’t eat the same leftovers for an entire week.

You can order her cookbook directly from the Vegan Armenian Kitchen website or in store (see below).

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The Vegan Armenian Kitchen website

Buy The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook, Online Purchasing Options

Buy in store, in Canada

  • Hamazkayin Bookstore: 45 Hallcrown Place, Toronto, Ontario
  • YamChops: 705 College Street, Toronto, Ontario
  • Mamajoun: 209 Ellesmere Rd, Unit #6, Scarborough, Ontario
  • Antikka: 960 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario
  • 57 Végane: 5475 Royalmount Ave #107, Mount Royal, Quebec

Cookbook cover

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