Veg Out 492: Vegan Facts & Foibles for February


February 6, 2021

Your friendly hosts have been collecting fun facts and foibles and want to share them with you, our listeners! With Veganuary having just wrapped up, a lot of folks are talking veganism, which is great! What’s not-so-great is the misinformation that’s often shared in the media or dominant conversations (beware of soy! vegans don’t get enough protein! plants have feelings too!). We take a lighthearted look at some of the better-proven facts, from brain size-to-intelligence ratio to fish feelings to phytoestrogens (not the same as animal estrogen), and explore a few of the weird/wild/wacky things the food industry does to appeal to customers, often leading to less-than-nutritious products. Why not share your own facts and foibles at TVA Lunch Club? It’s a low-key way to take a lunch break and socialize while we’re all cooped up at home.

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Hosts: Sarah, Steve and Sweta
Editing: Sweta
Write Up: Sarah Bradley
Theme Music: Matt Judge

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