Veg Out 491: Animal Justice Academy with Kimberly Carroll


January 20, 2021

Ana and Jeanette are thrilled to be joined by Kimberly Carroll on this episode of Veg Out!

Kimberly has an extensive background in animal rights activism, including co-creating the “why love one but eat the other” transit ad campaign, as well as co-founding Mercy for Animals CanadaShe is also a campaign strategist for Animal Justice, Canada’s only national law advocacy organization working on behalf of animals. As a coach for changemakers, she empowers and helps leaders and activists in the veg community. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also a director with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank

Kimberly joined us to talk about the upcoming Animal Justice Academy, which is a 6 week online bootcamp that will empower you to make a better world for animals. The Academy takes place Jan. 25-Mar. 5, 2021. Enrolment is open now at

Download the episode.

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