Discount Profile: bloomer’s in Bayview Village


January 19, 2021

Discount: 10% off 
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 3 locations! This profile features the location in Bayview Village Shopping Mall, but they also have one at 715 Queen St. West and 873 Bloor Street West.

Unless you are brand new to Toronto, by now you should be familiar with one of Toronto’s longest-standing all-vegan bakeries. bloomer’s has been delighting Torontonians for years with their array of donuts, muffins, sandwiches, and more.

But now, those living north of the downtown core can enjoy their treats too, and even more!

On my way to visit my parents, I decided to stop in to perhaps grab a donut or two. I had no idea how large this new location of theirs was and was blown away!

In addition to their cases of freshly baked goods, there was an entire wall of freezers packed with all kinds goodies! There are homemade bagels, cream cheeses, pot pies, and ready-to-go full sized cakes.

I grabbed a couple of everything bagels which were almost gigantic, as well as a mini curry pot pie which was just perfect heated up on a cold winter’s night the following week.

After oohing and ahhing over all the options in the freezer, I went back to scope out the donuts I had originally popped in for and discovered there was an even wider selection than they typically have at their other locations. With too many flavours to choose from, I of course wound up leaving with four instead of two! I shared the Tiramisu, Maple Walnut, Sprinkles, and Chocolate Fudge donuts with my parents, and treated myself to an extra item: a classic chocolate chip cookie!

bloomer’s may be known for their donuts, but that cookie was the star of the show for me. I wished I had purchased more!

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