Veg Out 490: Getting Healthy With Dr. Shane Williams


January 9, 2021

New year, new opportunity to build healthier habits! We wanted to kick off another year of the Veg Out podcast with an episode featuring Dr. Shane Williams (originally from Newfoundland and now based in Bracebridge, ON), a community leader and cardiologist with in-depth knowledge about the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. You’ll hear from Dr. Williams about common myths (“but where do you get your protein?”), the China Study (which demonstrates how nutrition affects cardiovascular diseases), why social connection and community is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and the fine art of convincing and leading by example.

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Dr. Williams Cardiology

Science Fictions – The Book

The China Study


Hosts: Steve, Ana, and Sweta
Guest: Dr. Shane Williams
Editing: Sweta
Write Up: Sarah Bradley
Theme Music: Matt Judge

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