Job Posting: Executive Director


January 6, 2021

Job Opportunity: Executive Director of an Inclusive, Pro-Vegan Non-Profit


The Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) is an inclusive, pro-vegan non-profit organization that inspires people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle through plant-based eating. The Executive Director (ED) of the organization will have overall operational responsibility for TVA’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission, including updating the organization’s name and branding. The ED reports to the Board of Directors and will work with the Board to develop and implement the organization’s strategic plan.

We are seeking someone who is a charismatic leader, a strategic thinker and passionate about the vegan movement. The ED must be highly collaborative, innovative, and have strong relationship building and partnership skills. They must also be committed to continuous growth and improvement, for themselves, for TVA, and for the vegan movement. In addition, the ED should be acutely aware of not only the challenges, but also the opportunities for innovation during these uncertain pandemic times.

The ED should have at least three years of demonstrated leadership experience, as well as experience in: strategic planning; program planning and implementation; public relations; team-building and financial management. Special consideration will be given to those who are digitally savvy, inspirational communicators, and who have experience in the nonprofit sector.

The ED is responsible for establishing and executing major goals and objectives for the organization by optimizing TVA resources, including:

  • Maximizing growth for the organization and impact for the vegan movement.
  • Providing leadership, direction and guidance for TVA’s activities, while analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of organization operations.
  • Developing and maintaining the organizational structure, overseeing the delivery of major activities by staff and volunteers, and evaluating and managing staff performance.
  • Being the face of the TVA and the lead spokesperson to other agencies, community and civic organizations, donors, funders and supporters, and the general public.
  • Committing to building a positive community and fostering inclusivity and accessibility, internally and with stakeholders and the public.


Board of Directors, elected by the TVA membership


This is a full time (37.5 hours per week) position with a salary range of $72,000-$75,000 per year. Compensation also includes four weeks of vacation and health and dental benefits. Employees may work virtually from home during the pandemic as required.


  1. Strategic Planning and Management

Think and manage broadly and strategically to:

  1. Direct and oversee the day-to-day planning, implementation and evaluation of the organization’s short and long term strategic plans, programs and services.
  2. Actively engage and energize TVA’s 300+ volunteers, board members, event committees, partnering organizations, and funders.
  3. Ensure that operations are implemented and conducted in accordance with TVA’s constitution and by-laws, its mission statement, and any approved Board policies.
  1. Fundraising:

Leverage strong fundraising and/or networking skills to:

  1. Work with the Board and the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee to establish a strategic, financial growth and sustainability plan for TVA.
  2. Expand our donor base by cultivating positive and mutually beneficial relationships and by reaching new audiences.
  3. Keep up to date with current fundraising and social trends, policies, and legislation that can affect the organization.
  1. Communications

Apply strong and clear communication skills to:

  1. Act as the lead spokesperson for the organization.
  2. Oversee all aspects of communications — from web presence to external relations — to leverage and strengthen TVA’s brand and visibility.
  3. Develop and implement an annual communications plan and effective social media strategy with the Marketing & Development Committee and staff.
  4. Encourage and build strong partnerships with community agencies, individuals and governments.
  5. Develop and execute a public relations and media strategy.
  1. Human Resources

Foster and manage a healthy organizational culture through:

  1. Encouraging, valuing, and demonstrating a commitment to diversity.
  2. Developing, coaching, and leading a high-performance team.
  3. Effectively evaluating performance of staff, which consists of three full-time direct reports.
  1. Financial

Ensure TVA’s financial health, optimize the use of resources to maximize impact, and keep stakeholders informed by:

  1. Maintaining full awareness of the complete financial, statistical, and accounting records of the organization. This includes working with the Bookkeeper, Treasurer and Audit and Finance Committee to (a) submit monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors and explain variances to budget/forecast and the prior year and (b) preparing rolling 12 month cash flow forecasts.
  2. Making decisions and recommendations to the Board of Directors that are grounded in prudent financial management and high return on investment from an impact per dollar perspective.
  3. Developing an annual budget, to be reviewed by the Audit and Finance Committee, and control operating expenses to achieve budgetary goals.
  4. Ensuring the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting.
  1. Perform other duties as requested and required such as:
  1. On-site support at events.
  2. Hiring and managing interns or contract staff.



  • (Advanced) College or University degree in a related field such as Business Administration or Non-Profit Management.


  • Substantial demonstrated leadership experience.
  • Track record of effectively leading and scaling a performance- and outcomes-based organization.
  • Has developed and operationalized strategies that have grown an organization.
  • Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and cultures.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of relevant leadership and management principles for nonprofits.
  • Detailed knowledge of different vegan communities and businesses, especially in the GTA.
  • Knowledge of current community challenges and opportunities relating to the mission of the organization to support operational planning and the prioritization of activities.
  • Knowledge of human resources management and ability to lead, coach, and develop staff and foster a healthy, inclusive and productive organizational culture.
  • Knowledge of financial management to ensure the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of all financial accounting and reporting.
  • Knowledge of project management and ability to execute under pressure to ensure that resources are allocated and used efficiently.
  • Ability to seek out opportunities that can build on the organization’s mission, take it in meaningful new directions, and strengthen its network.


  • Knowledge of federal and provincial legislation applicable to voluntary sector organizations including: employment standards, human rights, occupational health & safety, charities, taxation.
  • Strong vegan network and/or recognized in Toronto vegan community.
  • Long-term vegan.

As a value and principle driven organization, we at TVA are dedicated to diversity in our hiring and to maintaining an inclusive environment where people feel comfortable bringing their whole self to work and feel valued for who they are.

To apply for this position, please submit your resume by 5pm on January 29, 2021 to


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