Veg Out 489: Remembering 2020


December 26, 2020

Well, we’ve come to the end of 2020! Our merry podcast hosts Sweta, Jeanette, Steve, and Ana take some time to reflect on a year like no other. From highs to lows to lingering uncertainties, we’ve managed to stay connected through virtual events and have introduced exciting new TVA programming looking ahead to 2021. Even though we can’t gather in person this year, we’re so grateful to continue to keep in touch with you, our listeners, and the broader community. During these times, being able to connect with like-minded folks is more meaningful than ever.

And what would the holidays be without delicious and soul-warming food? If you’re a TVA member, here’s a friendly nudge to take a look at the Veg Food Guide to find out what your TVA card gets you – we guarantee that ordering a special treat or two will bring some extra joy to your holiday season, no matter how you choose to celebrate this year. It’s more important than ever to support our local veg businesses: if you’re on social media, consider tagging the places you’re frequenting and spread the word!

For more details on many of the restaurants we talked about, check out the TVA Veg Guide.
Check out the video Regan Russell’s Story and the Animal Save Movement Call to Action.

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Hosts: Jeanette, Steve, Ana, and Sweta
Editing: Ana
Write Up: Sarah Bradley
Theme Music: Matt Judge

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