Discount Profile: Copper Branch


December 14, 2020

Discount: 10% off 
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 18 locations across Ontario!

Copper Branch’s food is so delicious and the portions so generous, that going just once over the past couple of months wasn’t enough. I was back after just a few weeks.

My partner and I were lucky enough to be passing by the Oshawa location during a lull in COVID cases in the summer, and were actually able to dine in. This location is huge with different dining areas that include both regular tables as well as a more cozy area with a sofa. No matter how many times I go to Copper Branch and tell myself I should try something new, I just can’t ever pass up their signature Copper Bowl. It comes with the most delicious, gooey veggie chicken, plenty of healthy steamed broccoli, and a creamy slaw on top of whatever base you choose (noodles, quinoa, or brown rice).

We also enjoyed the classic poutine which could have been a meal unto itself! I loved their style of thinly cut fries, still with some skin left on, and the dollops of gravy and cheese were beyond generous. This is one decadent, saucy poutine!

On our second venture to the Thornhill location a few weeks later, I did finally give in and try something I hadn’t tried before. How could I resist a BBQ and caramelized onion flatbread? I loved this dish! The BBQ sauce and caramelization of the onions made it wonderfully sweet, on top of a nice thin, slightly crunchy crust.

What you might notice is that I haven’t yet tried any of their burgers or sandwiches, but that’s only reason to go back again soon!

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