Veg Out 487: Supplements, Antibiotics and Vaccines


November 28, 2020

With all the talk about developing a vaccine for COVID-19, have you ever wondered about the medications, supplements, and vaccines we take – and how to find out whether their production methods and ingredients are vegan? Sure, you can read the ingredient lists but it can be hard to decipher the medical terms and to know their origin. Special guest Ana De Castro shares some of her recent research on vaccines, including their ingredients, the medium on which they’re grown, and testing processes, and explains some of her frustrations about the lack of clear information. And: with the holiday season coming up, you may be wondering how to connect with your veg communities. Get a preview of the Veg Holiday Market (running December 12-20) so you can start planning your virtual celebrations!

Disclaimer: please keep in mind that no one on this podcast is a medical professional. Discussions reflect the hosts’ informed opinions and should be taken as such.


Plant Based Doctors
Wikipedia’s List of Vaccine Ingredients
Veg Holiday Market
Perfect Day Vegan Cow Milk Ice Cream (US only)


Hosts: Steve, Ana, and Sweta
Editing: Sweta
Blurb: Sarah Bradley
Theme Music: Matt Judge

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