Discount Profile: Haven Plant-Based Eatery


November 3, 2020

Discount: 10% off 
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 366 Bloor Street West

Toronto was heartbroken when Vegetarian Haven closed last year. We at the TVA office lamented the missing Shanghai Noodles that were so delicious. And then we heard that Shing & Jack, the people who ran Vegetarian Haven, had new plans in the works! Haven Plant-Based Eatery opened on Bloor Street at Spadina at the beginning of this pandemic.

They offer fast-casual bowls and snacks focusing on their made in-house vegan “meats”. Bowls can be made with a choice of a base, and one or two of the stir fry dishes. At time of writing, there are five mains and three bases, including the much missed Shanghai Noodles.

My mother and I visited recently, and ordered two bowls, as well as some dumplings to start. Because of the pandemic, we took our food to go, and ate it in the car. Everything was warm and well packaged in cardboard containers. The shop has all the expected precautions you would expect, and they limit the number of people allowed inside at a time.

The dumplings were warm and crispy, and there was a dipping sauce, which complemented them nicely. Three dumplings are hard to split among two people, but we managed!

The bowls though, are the real treat! We both got the Shanghai Noodles as a base, which were just as yummy as ever! I got the green bean stir fry, and the sweet & sour chick’n, both of which were awesome. The chick’n was my clear favourite. I loved that it came with lychee in the stir fry, and the faux meat and sauce was just so yummy.

The standout though, was the “pork” belly that my mom ordered. Somehow, the “pork” was fatty like real pork (but without the cholesterol or cruelty). It was mind-blowing!

There are drinks by the can and bottle, as well as hot tea. They do offer grab-and-go sandwiches and coleslaw as well, and a number of other snacks including nuggets, and “prawns”. A large bowl with tax comes in at under $20, even without the 10% TVA discount. Definitely give Haven a go, you won’t regret it!

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