Discount Profile: Parka Food Co.


July 23, 2020

After a brief closure during COVID-19, Parka is back open again, and even has two cute tables set up on the sidewalk so you have somewhere to sit and enjoy their delicious take-out!

At first, I found the menu overwhelming. I wanted all the different items they have that involve potatoes and vegan tartar sauce, but I figured I might as well choose just one potato dish so that I could try a variety of other foods too. I decided to go with the potato burger, which, in addition to the crispy potatoes and tartar sauce I’ve mentioned, also comes with pickles and guacamole on a light and airy bun.

No burger would be complete without a side, but since I was already having some potatoes, instead of fries or poutine (which, believe me, were very tempting) I ordered the cauliflower fritters. I loved the crispy, crunchy batter contrasting with the soft cauliflower centre. The portion size was just perfect to go along with the burger, and the creamy dipping sauce was cooling and refreshing.

Of course, Parka is famous for its variety of unique mac and cheeses, so how could I leave without trying at least one? I decided to order the Supreme Mac and Cheese. If you haven’t noticed yet, I really love when a dish has a mix of textures and this fit the bill perfectly. Atop a super gooey, saucy mac and cheese was a chilled, fresh pico consisting of chopped tomatoes and fresh onion, along with some guacamole.

Even during this scorching summer, we can all use a little comfort food sometimes, and Parka doesn’t disappoint. Of course, if you do need to cool down, you don’t need to go far, as they are also now serving cold ice cream floats for dessert!

Discount: 10% off
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 424 Queen Street West

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