Veg Out 475: Vegan Trivia and Conversation


June 27, 2020

We continue celebrating the TVA’s 75th anniversary with a trivia game that you can play along with! Listen and email us with how many answers you got right at Don’t worry about your scorecard, your participation enters you to win a vegan cookbook!

In our vegan roundtable, Steve tells us about a conversation he had in the dog park, which leads to a discussion about animal lovers who are not veg, and the difficulty in shopping at certain pet stores (though we love Bark and Meow). Sweta gives a shout out to the BBQ tofu bowl at One Love Vegetarian. And Jeanette encourages you to celebrate Pride with a rainbow cake from Bunner’s Bake Shop, and suggests a cow puzzle you can order in support of Farmhouse Garden Animal Home.

We end the podcast with a remembrance of activist Regan Russell. Here are ways you can support her work and legacy:

Go Fund Me
Toronto Pig Save – ways to take action
Animal Justice Petition to repeal to Ag-Gag laws

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