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June 23, 2020

The GTA is fortunate to have an abundance of vegan-friendly authentic Indian restaurants. But Veggie Planet stands apart for its unique fusion dishes.

Now with two locations (Mississauga and Vaughan), this place has landed a spot on my top favourite restaurant list, surprising me even more every time with how delicious and flavourful everything is.

It’s not every day you find pizza on the menu at an Indian restaurant, but imagine having a whole section of the menu full of pizzas! It was almost too much to bear to try and narrow it down to just one to order, but eventually my partner and I settled on the chaat Pizza, which had a sauce flavoured with Indian spices, vegan cheese, and plenty of crunchy pieces of sev. It was a close competition with the Indian masala pizza, we’ll have to try that next time!

But first, we started with “appetizers”. I say that in quotations because the portions were very generous, even for someone like me, who has a huge appetite!

This was our third time eating at Veggie Planet, and at first I resisted my partner’s suggestion we get the poutine for the third time, arguing that we should try something different. But after the first bite, there was no denying he was right. ALWAYS ORDER THE POUTINE. It is hard to describe just how unique and delicious this dish is. Imagine fries topped not just with gravy and vegan cheese, but with masala spices, olives, crispy fried onions, and more!

We also tried the fried noodles for the first time, which were reminiscent of classic Chinese take-out noodles but packed with strong, spicy Indian flavours.

If the idea of Indian-flavoured pizzas intrigue you, you’ll also want to take a look at their burger section. You’ll find burgers topped with fried potatoes, onion rings, chutney, or timi, an Indian-style veggie “fish” patty. Oh, and did I mention the noodle burger?!

Discount: 10% off : Not valid on special pizza deals.
Veg Status: All vegetarian, with vegan options clearly labelled.
Where: Mississauga and Vaughan Locations

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