Discount Profile: 852 Curbside Collective


May 26, 2020

Discount Profile: 852 Curbside Collective

TVA members receive 10% off all prepared food

The pandemic has made for some challenging times for small businesses. But we’re also seeing some cool, innovative new ways to get things from these businesses. A great example of this is 852 Curbside Collective— a new business comprised of the lovely ladies from Sausage Party, Chau, and Phancy Food. They now offer pickup and delivery services of their prepared meals, as well as a selection of grocery items and products made by other local veg businesses.

One of their signature items is their new “stay home” box, a variety of meals packaged together from the three businesses that you can reheat and eat at home. If you want delivery, they offer it weekly in the GTA, with a Friday afternoon cut-off for Sunday delivery; though there’s been other options as well!

The first thing I ordered from the collective was their first Stay Home box. This was $150, and was delivered to me on a Sunday by Em and Meagan, two of the owners. They called ahead, and I met them just outside the lobby, where I got a contactless delivery. Once I got upstairs and unpacked, I was super excited about all my food! Everything was nicely packaged, with garnishes and sauces packed separately, for easy assembly after cooking.

Sadly, most of this box went unphotographed. But everything was delish! There were periogies from Pierogi Me, Shepherd’s Pie, a Big Mac making kit, Mac and cheese, granola, coconut kefir, and probably something else that I’m forgetting. Everything was delicious, reheated well, and portion-wise was more than enough.

I ordered again on Mother’s Day weekend. This time opting not to order one of their kits; I let my mother choose what she wanted instead. We chose several different things, including a beet and mushroom bourguignon, served with mashed potatoes, hummus and sesame pita and sticky toffee pudding. It all tasted great! And again everything was packaged individually, and instructions were clear on how to prepare them.

I also ordered some of Sausage Party’s awesome sausages for another day, as well as a French onion soup (which was amazing!) and apple crumble. I definitely recommend ordering from 852 Curbside Collective, you won’t be disappointed, and I’ll be ordering again soon! It might not be the same as encountering these awesome ladies at a brewery or festival, but it’s a great alternative in these strange times.

Details: 852 Curbside Collective. Members discount: 10% off prepared food, free delivery over $50.00 or pickup during defined hours at 852 King St. W.

Please note that some boxes are not vegan, be sure to order the clearly marked vegan options.

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