Veg Out 471: Lockdown Talk


May 2, 2020

We’ve made it through seven weeks of COVID-19 lockdown here in Toronto and we wanted to check in and talk about how we’re coping. On this episode of Veg Out, Betsy, Sweta, and Sarah talk about finding ways to get some fresh air (and maybe even get a whiff of blooming magnolias), stay connected to our communities, appreciate our urban surroundings (7:30PM healthcare worker choruses FTW!), and of course – cook! Plus, the devastating effects of slaughterhouses are being amplified during this crisis, and we discuss the myriad problems with worker conditions on both human and animal health. Will COVID-19 lead to more awareness of the environmental and social impacts of meat consumption? Only time will tell, but for now, we’ll keep sharing ways for both veg*ns and the veg-curious to shift some of their food choices given the limitations of accessing fresh food (hint: dried legumes are the powerhouse ingredients that just keep giving).

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