Discount Profile: Sweets from the Earth


April 24, 2020

Sweets from the Earth is one of the longest standing vegan bakeries in the GTA and is famous for its delicious, well, sweets of course!

Since social distancing became the norm in the GTA, they’ve added some savoury and bread items to their online store, and I couldn’t wait to take advantage of the opportunity to try them out! If the incredibly delicious quality of their caramel pecan bars or apple pie squares, that I’ve become accustomed to, was a sign of what to expect from their breads, I knew I was in for a treat.

I ordered a sandwich loaf, dinner rolls, hamburger buns, and mini bagels, all of them in whole wheat. The sandwich loaf was surprisingly large, more slices than a typical loaf you’d buy in the grocery store. It had a nice slightly crunchy crust, but the bread itself was very light, soft, and fluffy.

The mini bagels were nice and dense and chewy, just like you want a bagel to be. Next time I might give the apple cinnamon version a try!

The hamburger buns were also very fresh and soft. In addition to using them as a hamburger bun, I absolutely loved simply toasting them and using them for sandwiches topped with hummus, or beets and sprouts.

The dinner rolls were the perfect size to have as a side to a nice warm bowl of soup on a cool night.

Of course, it would have been silly to place an order from a bakery without also getting some dessert, and we opted for a set of 6 mint nanaimo bars. These were to die for. Oh my gosh. They reminded me very much of a classic peppermint patty, the way that the Sweets from the Earth caramel pecan bars are so remeniscent of a classic “Turtles” chocolate.

And did I mention they deliver all of this for a flat delivery rate of only $5, or if you order $50 or more your delivery anywhere in Ontario is free?!

As we near the end of this stash of goodies, I am already thinking ahead to my next order. And as a TVA member, I’ll make sure to take advantage of the special code they are offering members this Spring: Use the code TVASPRING10 to get 10% off your online order!

Discount: 10% off : Use the code TVASPRING10
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: Click here for their online store.


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