Discount Profile: Saigon Lotus


February 24, 2020

Saigon Lotus is an all-vegetarian (non-vegan options are clearly marked) restaurant in Kensington Market, just west of Spadina. The restaurant is cozy with nice booths, tables, and even a little waterfall. When you are seated, you get a sheet of paper to write your order on, as well as the menu. 

The day we visited was cold and windy; perfect soup weather! We received a (complimentary) hot pot of tea to drink while we contemplated our orders, which were written down and collected promptly. 

I ordered spring rolls to start, which were crispy and delicious, served with plum sauce. Barbi–my dining companion for the evening–ordered the cold rolls, which were also delicious. There are four different types of cold rolls, and they all come with peanut sauce. 

Then the soups arrived! They were giant. Saigon Lotus offers a regular size soup, and a large for $1 more. We both got the large Spicy Hue soup, and they were served with a plate of bean sprouts, cabbage, lime, and mint to garnish them with. 

What can I say? They were hot, spicy (but not TOO spicy), and had so many different kinds of seitan, tofu, noodles, and beancurd in them that after we had been eating for what seemed like ages, the bowls seemed like they were still full! 

The best part about Saigon Lotus is that even without the TVA discount, dinner–including tea, appetizer, and soup–comes out to under twenty dollars! It’s a steal for food this delicious! They do takeout and delivery on the usual apps as well, so if it’s too cold a night and you live nearby, you can order in! They also serve alcohol, and offer things other than pho for the main course; but to be honest, I always just go for the soups! 

Discount: 10% off 
Veg Status: All vegetarian, with non-vegan options marked
Where: 6 St. Andrew St., Toronto

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