Veg Out 465: Culinary Confections


February 8, 2020

On today’s edition of Veg Out, we welcome Sigourney Bailey from Culinary Confections. We talk about running a vegan business, how to bake the perfect vegan cupcake, and how people can get delicious vegan treats delivered to their door! We also preview the Annex Valentine’s Market, where Sigourney will be selling her cupcakes, as well as the Vegan Baking Group’s VEGANtine’s Day Potluck. And if you are looking for more Valentine’s Day specials, has a roundup for you.

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Sigourney Bailey is a city-living vegan with a love for delicious food and all things animals. She is the head baker and owner of Culinary Confections, an online cupcake company right here in Toronto that delivers cupcakes straight to your door. They offer scheduled delivery services within Toronto along with custom delivery services outside our delivery range. 

Culinary Confections is an all vegan bakery born from a love of baking and a passion for creating vegan desserts all can enjoy! We aim to produce not only the tastiest cupcakes, but also place a focus on our environmental footprint by looking for environmentally friendly ways to bake and package our delicious goodies. All of our packaging is fully compostable and recyclable with no plastic used! 

Culinary Confections strongly believes in giving back and we donate 2% of all revenues to a local charity. We regularly look for new charities to donate to as there are so many amazing local organizations around the city.


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