Discount Profile: Community Restaurant


August 28, 2019

Looking for a classy, sit-down restaurant with lots of space where you can meet friends for a hearty brunch or chow down on comfort food classics for dinner?

Community Restaurant in Oakville is the perfect place, and as of September, they now give TVA members 10% off too!

I was really impressed when I first walked in at just how bright and beautiful the space was, the ceiling topped with chandeliers and gorgeous artwork on the wall.

But of course, my eyes soon shifted to the menu. We were there at brunch, and overwhelmed by the choices!

My partner and I had just finished a long bike ride, so we wanted something warm and filling that would re-fuel us before our long ride back home.

We ordered the chef’s omelette, which came with a really great chunky home fries, perfectly browned on the outside and so fluffy on the inside. The omelette itself was filled with a generous portion of wilted spinach, caramelized onions, and plenty of vegan cheese.

We balanced this with a sweet dish as well: the mighty stack of creme brulee pancakes! Imagine several fluffy pancakes, topped with caramelized bananas, blueberry compote, and creamy nut butter. I was smiling ear to ear.

A friend had warned me that I must try the Rolo Cake for dessert and it didn’t disappoint either! The layered cake was topped with their own homemade version of the classic childhood chocolate candy, and it was a cool and refreshing way to end our meal before hitting the road again.

I can’t wait to go back at dinner or lunch to try other dishes like beet ravioli, dosas, truffle gnocchi, and more!

Discount: 10% off
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 343 Kerr Street, Oakville

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