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April 24, 2019


You asked, we listened.

You want more events, more member perks, and more engagement with the veg community.

Well, we are excited to announce that the TVA will be offering new ways to engage with fellow members throughout the year, starting next month with a members’ only bus trip to Wishing Well Sanctuary.


But that’s not all! We want to host a number of events for members this year: more cooking classes, more lectures, and more sanctuary tours, but we can only do this with your help.


Thanks to the support of an anonymous donor, every new member who joins the TVA this month will have the amount of their gift matched, along with any donations that come from existing members like you!

Bringing new members into the TVA has never had more impact and you can be part of this growth by directly purchasing a gift membership (or two, or three!), or convincing a friend to sign up.

Don’t forget, each new membership, including lapsed members who renew, will have the total value of their membership donation matched by our anonymous donor, so even if you feel that one membership isn’t a lot, every dollar counts!

The donor has offered to match up to $20,000 for all membership gifts and donations to the TVA. That means we need to get 800 new or renewing members by this month to make the most of this incredible opportunity!


If every member brings even just one new person on board, think about how much stronger our community will be.


We have all struggled on our veg journey at some point or another. The TVA receives calls and emails all the time from people who feel isolated, asking for resources like community events and cooking classes.


That’s probably why you joined the TVA, to be part of a community, attend events, meet people with whom you can talk to about your cruelty-free choices, and to get recipes, restaurant recommendations, and nutritional information.


Together, we make it easy to live life on the veg!


So, whether you know someone who wants to cut down on their meat consumption, commit to going vegan, or someone who is already plant-based, you can support them to achieve these goals with a gift membership to the TVA.


Double your impact and help us do more to help you!


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