Discount Profile: Veggie Planet


April 18, 2019

Veggie Planet takes the idea of fusion cuisine to a whole new level. I knew they put an Indian twist on the American pizza and burger, but I was absolutely blown away by the number of options to choose from on their enormous, unique menu.

First we had to choose a pizza, which was no easy task. Would it be the Indian Masala Pizza, the Kawa Topped Pizza, or the Chaat Pizza? We decided to go with the Pav Bhaji, which featured spicy vegetables, chilis, garlic, and vegan cheese, all atop a perfectly thin yet crispy crust.

Next we chose a burger, of which we narrowed down to choices like the noodle burger, vada burger, or samosa burger. We decided on the Timi Burger, which had a vegan fish patty topped with more veggies and vegan cheese.

But there were too many enticing dishes to stop there. We also ordered the Planet Special Poutine which was out of this world! Imagine warm fries topped with not just the usual vegan cheese and gravy but also masala flavours, crispy onions, olives, and kawa. They were not light on any of the toppings. This was a luscious, gooey mess.

Everything we ate was incredibly flavourful, with a nice spicy kick. And just as with the poutine, toppings were generous on all items.

There were so many more items we wanted to try, like the Indian style panzerotti or their Masala Sprinkled Potato Wedges. Another trip out to Mississauga is definitely coming soon!

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status: All vegetarian, with vegan options (labelled)

Where: 6985 Davand Dr #1

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