The Tipping Point is Here


December 6, 2018

Care of Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

I’m starting to feel like a broken record, but I just can’t stop sharing my excitement about all the signs that we’ve reached a tipping point with the popularity and awareness of vegan food in Toronto.

Earlier this year, popular local Italian chain Il Fornello launched their huge, plant-based menu complete with arancini balls and agnolotti in “butter” sauce, and not long ago we learned that famous local chef David Lee decided to close his popular omnivorous restaurant Nota Bene to replace it with a second location of the vegan restaurant Planta.

But make sure you are sitting down because you won’t believe the news I’m about to share with you.

You may have already heard from us that the Toronto Vegetarian Association won Best Food Activist Group in this year’s Now Readers’ Choice Awards. We are so humbled, grateful, and excited about this incredible achievement! (Thanks so much if you voted for us!).

But we weren’t the only vegan establishment that went home with an award this year. Check out this list of plant-based businesses that won in a dozen categories! And again, we’re not just talking about winning in a vegan category. These businesses won best for these categories overall, beating out all the omnivorous restaurants and bakeries across the city! 

YamChops: Best Butcher and Deli (YES! You read that right).

Bunner’s: Best Bakery and Best Dessert

Planta: Best Business Lunch and Best Restaurant Splurge

Hogtown Vegan: Best Caeser

One Love: Best Roti

Apiecalypse Now: Get ready for this – Best Cheap Eats, Best Delivery, Best Poutine, Best Pizza and Best Restaurant!

Yes, a vegan restaurant was named the best restaurant in the city of Toronto by NOW Magazines’ voters. So if you’ve been feeling any burnout and sadness about the state of animal cruelty in the world, take a moment to reflect on this growth and momentum while you place an order for a slice of pizza, sit back and relax with a caeser in hand, and top it off with a Josephine Louie for dessert.


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