Veg Guide Updates: Thanksgiving Specials!


October 1, 2018

Thanksgiving is nearly here! And we’ve got some great specials here from our Veg Guide advertisers. If you’re a new vegan looking to bring a meal for yourself to your family’s all meat dinner, or you’re looking to make a full vegan feast, we’ve got options for you here!




Look for this yummy Thanksgiving plate available from
Thursday, Oct 4 to Monday, Oct 8. It has marinated portobello mushroom,
roasted sourdough stuffing, fingerling potatoes and veggies,
with mushroom gravy and cranberry sauce for just $15!

If that doesn’t fill you up, you can add a slice of pumpkin or apple pie, for just $5!



This harvest holiday Alternity wants to warm your tummy with a cozy vegan meal,
The Harvest Gratitude Special. the special includes a hearty homemade Pumpkin Soup,
Half Falafel Wrap, and a Spicy Golden Chai Latte for $15.55 + tax ($19 value).




Better is offering our Veg family a private 10% off special for Thanksgiving
for any Toronto cookie delivery. This discount is good until October 15, 2018. Please enter
GIVINGTHANKS in the coupon box when ordering a Toronto cookie gift delivery online.



Thanksgiving is our favourite time of year! All those warm spices, classic desserts
and savoury dishes are what a Bun lives for!

Online Ordering: This year all of our Thanksgiving products are available
for viewing & ORDERING ONLINE!

New this year: Hungry Bun Holiday Meals, Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Chai Cheesecake,
All new Roasted Harvest Veggie & ‘Chicken’ Pot Pie, Apple Cranberry Crisps and more!

To see our full menu, visit Bunner’s Online Orders Page

Thanksgiving ordering instructions, information and policies


Cosmic Treats


Who better than Cosmic Treats to provide you with a beautiful homemade
pumpkin or apple pie for Thanksgiving? Order in store or at
by October 2nd and receive $3 off the cost of a whole 9 inch pie!
Pies available for pickup until 7 PM October 7th. A selection of pies will also
be available for pickup October 5-7.



Have your Thanksgiving at Fresh! On Sunday October 7th,

Fresh is having its Guest Appreciation Night!

From 6-9pm, both dine-in and take-away orders are 30% off!

Importations Lou

Importations Lou is offering 25% off everything in their online store for Thanksgiving!
Enter the code “thanks25” until October 10th to get the deal!



Lettuce Love


Lettuce Love Cafe will have a Thanksgiving special available from
Monday, October 1st to Monday, October 8th.

”Feast on pecan crusted marinated tempeh, brussel sprouts roasted with garlic,
sweet potato mash, mushroom gravy & cranberry sauce. Available for dine-in,
take-out or pick-up in our grab & go section!”

Meditation Toronto


Please join us for our annual Thanksgiving Vegan Feast that is part of our
Enchanting Evening event from 6-8pm on Sunday, October 7 at St. Paul’s
United Church, 427 Bloor St W. (W of Spadina/South side of Bloor).
There will be a breathing meditation plus chanting of sacred mantras to live music
and a delicious vegan feast. Make new friends, experience meditation, and eat
wonderful food. It’s a free evening but donations are gratefully accepted.

Tori’s Bakeshop


Tori’s Bakeshop has some great sounding baked goods available for Thanksgiving!

Pies available: whole roasted pumpkin, apple crumble, pecan
(unbleached wheat flour or gluten-free crust; 10-inch and 4-inch sizes)

Cakes and cupcakes (all also available gluten-free):

coffee bomb

chocolate cake, creamy coffee filling,
double mocha swirl frosting, mini biscotti on top

maple butter apple walnut crunch

vanilla apple cake, stovetop maple butter inside,
topped with maple buttercream and a candied walnut crunch

cookies and cream
chocolate cake filled and topped with
vanilla buttercream with cookie crumble, dipped in chocolate cookie crumble

chocolate pumpkin swirl
vanilla and chocolate marble cake with pumpkin pie filling,
topped with spiced buttercream and chocolate pumpkin cashew cream cup

Please call 647-350-6500 with all order requests.

Upbeet Foods


Time for a new tradition. Upbeet Foods’ famous vegan Thanksgiving menu is BACK
and better than ever! Featuring mouthwatering classics like Lentil Shepherd’s Pie,
Savoury Vegan Bread Stuffing and Spiced Pumpkin Pie, you can impress your guests
without any stress. Order by October 4th to have a plant based feast delivered right to
your GTA doorstep – and say you’re a TVA member to get a FREE Pumpkin Spiced Chia
Seed Pudding with your order! Contact us at


Veggie D’Light


Veggie D’Light will be offering yummy Moringa Loaf, Curry Chickpeas and
Jerk Seitan with Basmati Brown Rice and Organic Vegetables for Thanksgiving Dinner
caterings this year, as well as our completely vegan and gluten free, creamy and nutritious
homemade lasagnas.

Rest assured all of this tasty food is totally vegan, with that Caribbean flavour you love,
as well as GMO, soy & nut free, made with all organic veggies.

The Moringa Loaf especially is a really awesome and versatile addition to any
Thanksgiving meal. A base of organic blue cornmeal, split pea lentils with steel cut oats
, flax and dates & cranberries as the natural sweetener, this vegan roast made with the
superfood moringa plant satisfies that craving for savoury stuffing and nourishes
your body so good.

This year Chef Peter has also come up with a delicious, thick cranberry sauce
that is of course 100 per cent refined sugar free for all those extra cranberry lovers out there!

Please email with the
promocode TorontoVegGiveThanks and receive 15% off your October dinner order!!

Whole Foods


From vegan pumpkin pie to an assortment of delicious Thanksgiving sides,
Whole Foods Market can do the cooking while you spend your time
entertaining your guests. Beyond our classic vegan options, this year
we’re excited to feature a feast by Chef Jeremy Fox from
Santa Monica’s Rustic Canyon. This spread is both rich and smoky,
sweet and nutty, herby and bright.

Chef Jeremy Fox’s Vegan Meal for 2
($39.99) (direct link HERE) – but to order online people must enter their choice of store for pick up first!

From the centrepiece to the sides, a completely vegan meal creatively put together for two.

Romanesco Cauliflower Roast with Miso Bagna Càuda   Whole, slowly cooked romanesco
cauliflower with a bright lemon-garlic bagna càuda sauce and rich umami from red miso.  680 g

Cremini Mushroom Stuffing with Kimchi   Slow-cooked cremini mushrooms
steeped with rosemary, extra-virgin olive oil and white wine vinegar.
Sautéed shallots and vegan kimchi give this stuffing depth.  454 g

Charred Escarole with Tomatoes and Chickpeas   Fresh autumn stew
of cherry tomatoes and chickpeas braised with garlic and rosemary.
A bed of charred escarole, a lightly bitter green, adds smokiness to the meal.  454 g

Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple and Hazelnut Dukkah
Tender wedges of squash, roasted sweet-and-sour style with maple syrup,
sherry vinegar and cayenne pepper. An earthy crunch of hazelnuts,
sesame seeds, herbs and sea salt finish the dish.  454 g

Half Apple Pie  Fresh apples are cradled in a tender, flaky crust.
No artificial flavours or colours and no high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats.  280 g


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