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December 22, 2017

Care of Sherry Bowman
On a nice crisp day, we can walk around downtown Burlington and and enjoy the hustle and bustle of activity near the Lakeshore. Due to their long hours, we can visit Boon Burger for lunch or dinner any day of the week. This is a good, casual place to relax with friends, enjoy some music, sign in for free WiFi, and delight in any food items on the menu.
The community/family table is busy and there are a couple of high chairs still available. One of the bathrooms is wheelchair accessible, while the other is a good size for those with mobility issues to maneuver. A couple of concrete support columns have been painted black and have been chalked on by staff. There are panoramic black & white photos of farm animals hanging on the walls. My favourite is the photo of a cow that takes up most of the back wall – truly a noble creature.
We order at the counter, and are given an animal figure to take back to the table. Although the word vegan is not used anywhere is the restaurant, you can be assured that the menu is 100% animal-free and plant-based. The soups, salads, and many of the sauces are made from scratch.
I’m always in for a hot bowl of soup, and am especially grateful when they have French Onion soup on the menu. Pair that with a Kale & Arugula salad or a side of Poutine, or both, and I am extremely happy. It is worth checking out the pizza or the burger of the day and trying a new and delightful creation every time you go.
If you have had trouble keeping your burger together and are looking for a less messy food option, the wrap is an excellent choice and will hold all of your toppings without exploding on your first bite.
We head to the only table that is still available for a late Sunday lunch. The centre of the table has a galvanized steel pipe that is used to hold unbleached paper towels, and is surrounded by a variety of condiments that includes sriracha, Franks Hot Sauce, and sweet chili sauce. Always an enjoyable meal and we can leave feeling good that everything served it’s served on is either compostable or recyclable. A friendly, delightful staff always eager to serve us.
Boon Burger Burlington, we’ll be back soon!
Discount: 10% off
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 399 Elizabeth St. Unit 6, in Burlington

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