Vegan Round-Up in Thornhill


August 8, 2017

Care of Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator
Updated June 2018
They say we all want what we can’t have. My parents complain that all the great vegetarian restaurants are downtown, but lately I’ve been finding that there are so many great vegan hot spots in the area where I grew up that when I’m home for a visit, I don’t have time to fit it all in.
Places outside of the downtown core like Thornhill, Burlington, and Oakville, now have a large enough collection of their own vegan restaurants that more and more I’m finding myself planning day-trips (see my post on great hike ‘n dine day trip ideas here) instead of hopping on the subway or my bike to get to some of my favourite places.
If you’re in Thornhill or Richmond Hill anytime soon, your problem won’t be finding a place to eat, but instead narrowing down your options to pick just one or two.
Vegan Danish BakeryNo matter what part of the GTA you are from, the Vegan Danish Bakery is well worth the trip to the corner of Yonge and John Streets in old Thornhill. Their pastries and desserts are absolutely stunning and delicious, and they also serve up some super decadent soft serve sundaes. Not to mention they give TVA members 10% off! As of 2018, they also serve a fantastic vegan brunch on Sundays.

Sorelle and Co.Further north in the neighbourhood of Thornhill Woods you’ll find Sorelle and Co., an all-vegan and all gluten-free swanky cafe and bakery. You can come for a delicious lunch with items like grilled cheese sandwiches, lasagna, salads and soups, sit down for a fancy high tea, or just indulge in their beautiful desserts.
La Vida Cocoa Craft Bakery and Cafe: Just on the border of Thornhill and Toronto is a new cafe that says they serve “an assortment of items that contain no gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy or nuts.” Vegan quiche anyone?
Cafe Landwer: This large, sit-down restaurant with a patio too offers several clearly marked vegan items such as a vegan omelette breakfast platter (served with a hot loaf of bread, jam and coconut yogurt too), vegan schwarma, and a hearty stew. The food is incredibly fresh and the portions are generous.
Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant, Wutai and Tenon: These three East Asian restaurants may not technically be in Thornhill but I’m including them in this list because they are close by and SO delicious! You’ll find Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant on East Beaver Creek, Wu Tai on Woodbine Avenue (just north of John Street) and Tenon further East in Unionville on Kennedy Avenue. Both Gourmet Vegetarian and Tenon also provide discounts to TVA members.
Surely Up: Word just got out about this all vegetarian hot pot restaurant also at Highway 7 and Beaver Creek.
Il Fornello: Il Fornello’s Richmond Hill location at Yonge and Highway 7 (along with their Bayview Village, King Street, and Danorth locations) has launched a spectacular vegan menu!
Blossom: Vegetarians and vegans re-joice! Finally you can again enjoy the wonder of an all-you-can-eat buffet! This East Asian buffet is entirely vegetarian, with all the vegan dishes (which is most of the dishes) clearly labelled as such.
Coming soon – Cinnaholic! As of June 2018, the “coming soon” sign is up in Promenade Mall’s food court for Canada’s first Cinnaholic location! Cinnaholic is an all vegan cinnamon bun shop with the most wild creations you would never have imagined!

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